Virtru Data Encryption Software

Virtru offers a range of data protection products that provide encryption, access controls, key management, and persistent audit for customers that need to meet privacy and compliance requirements.

encrypted gmail

Gmail Encryption

Encrypt Gmail messages and attachments, and apply access controls directly within the native Gmail web application.

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encrypted google drive

Google Drive Encryption

Encrypt files stored and shared in Google Drive, and maintain control throughout their lifecycle.

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Google Workspace Encryption

Secure data throughout your Google ecosystem and beyond as you collaborate in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, store and share files in Drive, and send via Gmail.

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Microsoft Logo

Outlook Encryption

Encrypt email and attachments shared via Microsoft Outlook, with access controls integrated directly in 365 or Exchange environments you already use.

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trusted data format

Trusted Data Platform

Ensure persistent, secure, multi-party control of data at scale, for use in applications including contact tracing, critical resource planning, connected device security, secure analytics, and others.

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enterprise applications

Enterprise Applications

Protect and control email and attachments that custom applications or enterprise SaaS apps send to customers, patients, and other external parties.

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