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Case Study
Customer Stories

Bancroft Replaces Legacy Encryption Solution with Virtru

“If your organization needs to increase email security, Virtru offers the features you need and is surprisingly easy to use. They have easy admin rules for automatic protection, as well as the ability to track and revoke incorrectly sent emails. Virtru really offers peace of mind.” - Ben Baez, Application Administrator, Bancroft.

Patient Protection that Exceeds HIPAA Requirements

New Jersey-based non-profit Bancroft is doing extraordinary work with extraordinary people. The organization serves 2,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities— with causes ranging from autism to acquired brain injuries—striving to provide opportunities for lifelong learning and personal fulfillment. To ensure that their clients get the assistance they need, while also maintaining security, privacy, and compliance, Bancroft needed an equally extraordinary encryption solution. Virtru delivered.

Overcoming Zix's Limitations

When Ben Baez joined the team at Bancroft, the nonprofit already had an email encryption provider—Zix. “We send a lot of medical documents over email,” says Baez. “But with Zix, we were never able to actually see if an email was secure—much less be able to revoke something sent in error.” The recipient experience was also quite clunky. Baez’ team simply needed more confidence and flexibility in their compliance and security controls.

Luckily, Baez had already learned about Virtru from his prior employer. He knew the application was both easy to use and very reliable when it came to privacy and compliance. So, when Bancroft’s contract with their existing provider ended, Baez and Bancroft reached out to Virtru right away.

Taking Control of Compliance

“Mistakes are rare for us,” says Baez, “but sometimes they do happen—a person spells a name wrong and an email goes somewhere it shouldn’t. With Virtru, we have very hands-on, flexible administration that gives us more control. If we need to revoke an email, we can. If we need to track an email to ensure it was encrypted, we have that ability.”

Ensuring staff adoption and acceptance was key, and the rollout to Bancroft’s internal users was seamless. Virtru’s documentation let Bancroft know what to expect, and the client-side extension for Chrome was extremely easy to push out through Google. “Our employees got an email with a quick tutorial and we were ready to go on day one,” says Baez. “It’s so straightforward. Just a click and the email is encrypted—and you can see it happen, so you can be confident in your compliance.”

An Easy Decision

Between its ease of use for senders and recipients, and its unique control features, Virtru was an easy choice for Bancroft’s 2,200 users. In the first few months of use, more than 7,000 emails were effortlessly protected.

Bancroft's newfound confidence in compliance has made their new partnership more than worthwhile. Baez recalls the decision to change encryption services: “When our contract was up, we knew we could get a solution that was both easier to use and provided us with more control of the content we share. It was an extremely easy decision to make the switch to Virtru.”

HIPAA Compliant Email, Simplified

Virtru‘s superior protections help Bancroft carefully adhere to HIPAA regulations and keep clients' personal and medical information private and secure. Some specific features and benefits that Baez' team especially love include:

Ease of Use: With protection and control added directly to familiar G Suite interfaces, securing information is as easy as using Gmail. No new software, no portals and no new accounts required for recipients.

Access Controls: Virtru lets you maintain control of health data wherever it's shared, with instant revocation, disable forwarding, and message expiration.

Attachment Protections: Watermark documents with recipients' names to deter leaks, and apply persistent protection for attachments to maintain ownership and control, beyond the initial email.