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From Critical Infrastructure to Product Design, A Global Manufacturing Company Protects its Global Footprint with Virtru

Global Manufacturer

“Virtru’s Email Plugin and the Virtru Data Protection Gateway have given us the freedom to be able to exchange proprietary information securely, both within the U.S. and across our different business units.”

IT Leader

This global manufacturer produces a wide variety of products that are ultimately used to transport and store materials. If that scope sounds broad, that’s because it is: This company’s products are used in myriad industries, from chemical processing to fire protection, food and beverage, transportation, construction, and more. 

With a global footprint, this manufacturer not only needs to protect the data related to its own products and supply operations, but it also needs to protect data on behalf of its external customers, many of whom have strict security and compliance expectations of their vendors.

With Virtru, this manufacturer can:

  • Securely share proprietary information, both internally with colleagues and externally with customers
  • Strengthen compliance with CMMC 2.0, FIPS, and ISO 9001 with a FedRAMP-authorized encryption solution 
  • Make it easy to protect and share large files and other sensitive information — including HR files, product information, real estate, and accounting data.

Global Collaboration, Secured: Data Access Control Across the Supply Chain

For the information security team at this organization, data protection is top of mind for several reasons. Of course, compliance with regulations like CMMC, FIPS, and ISO 9001 are essential. But, beyond compliance, it’s essential for cross-functional collaboration with customers and across global teams. 

Virtru’s Email Plugin and the Virtru Data Protection Gateway have given us the freedom to be able to exchange proprietary information securely, both within the U.S. and across our different business units,” one IT leader said. “From foundry, pouring molten metal into a form, to manufacturing those products, and then all the way through our distribution centers, there's quite a bit of a chain that happens within the company itself. It's extremely helpful to be able to send that information back and forth across our business in a secure manner without having to worry about somebody getting hold of it and being able to see what they're not supposed to see.” 

Virtru for Email and Virtru Secure Share are also heavily used by the company’s HR and accounting departments, as well as teams working with real estate information and custom product orders. “Those divisions are heavily using Virtru, both the email plugin and Secure Share, consistently each and every day,” he said.

Protecting Customers’ IP: “We Make the Product, but That Data Is Theirs.” 

For this manufacturing company, ensuring customer trust is a top priority. “One of the big things for us is maintaining the security of a customer's data. A lot of the things we do are at a customer's request. We have our base products, but, then, outside of that, if a customer requests a specific [dimension or size of a product], that's proprietary to them. We make the product, but that data is theirs. So giving us the ability to exchange that information back and forth in an encrypted format has helped us substantially.”

Secure Collaboration and Encrypted Search in Google Workspace

Virtru’s data protection solutions have made a big impact on the way manufacturing teams share information. “Secure Share has been vastly helpful,” the IT leader said. “We've run into quite a few issues sharing information out from Drive to external customers. As a visitor, they have to set up a Google account, or they have to set up an account that's associated with Google so they can use those services. Secure Share made it so we don't have to make our customers do that. We can just deliver them an encrypted document or drawing, or something proprietary that they requested, and they don't have to do anything extra on their side, they just get it downloaded and they can do what they need to do with it. It was a sigh of relief on their part.” 

The manufacturer also maximizes efficiency by using Encrypted Search in Google Workspace, so information that has been encrypted is still easily discoverable. “We recently turned on Encrypted Search in Google,” he said. “That's been exponentially helpful; we’ve been so happy to have that. The team was losing track of emails consistently, and as soon as we turned it on, the problem went away immediately. Then, while we were activating that, I actually found that we can enable that same feature in Google Vault, which we just started utilizing. If we have a need for our legal team to access that information, they've got to be able to find it. So that was a big win for us.”

With Virtru’s advanced security controls for Google Workspace, the manufacturer ensures the continued privacy and security of its customers’ data, without sacrificing data sharing or productivity.