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Data-Centric Security, Privacy, and Compliance Made Simple

If you’re like most CISOs, you’ve invested huge amounts of time and money implementing security controls to defend against external threats and protect sensitive data stored inside your organization. But how do you protect sensitive data that is constantly being shared with others outside your organization?

The answer is data-centric security from Virtru. 

Virtru expands your security posture to protect information that moves outside your organization — giving you complete control, even after the data has been shared and is no longer in your possession. Now you can do both: Use traditional DLP-style tools to prevent sensitive data from leaving your organization, and use Virtru to permit sharing of sensitive data externally without sacrificing security, compliance, or privacy.

Why choose Virtru?

  • Easy to Implement. Virtru installs in hours and protects information shared externally via email, files, and SaaS workflows — so, in a matter of hours, your business can confidently share sensitive data without sacrificing security, compliance, or privacy.
  • Easy to Use. Virtru integrates seamlessly with the apps that teams already use every day, like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zendesk, and Salesforce. With an intuitive user experience, Virtru is easy for admins, employees, and — most importantly — external partners, customers, and clients.  
  • Cost-Effective. Compliance with data-centric regulations like CMMC 2.0, ITAR, CJIS, and HIPAA is expensive. Virtru’s portfolio of products make compliance affordable. 
  • Privacy-Enhanced. Companies are beginning to ask an important question: “Who should hold the key to decrypt my sensitive data stored in the public cloud?” The answer is simple: You should hold the key. The Virtru Private Keystore is a way to store and manage encryption keys in an environment separate from Google, and it can also be used with all of Virtru’s products.
  • Total Control. Virtru’s data-centric security wraps each data object in a layer of control that follows it everywhere — allowing you to revoke access at any time and set parameters around exactly who can access the data and when. 
  • Highly Scalable. With server-side protection to complement client-side protection, the Virtru Data Protection Gateway can detect and automatically encrypt sensitive information before it leaves your environment.

Who buys Virtru products, and why?

Virtru serves nearly 8,000 customers, including small and midsize businesses, Fortune 50 companies, government agencies, financial institutions, hospital systems, state and local governments, and leading universities. 

How often is Virtru used?

Adoption of Virtru has accelerated every year for the past 10 years.  Since inception, Virtru products have protected more than one billion unique data assets. Today, our products secure nearly 2 million emails and files every single day.

How is Virtru relevant to Zero Trust security architectures?

The first principle of security is to protect data.  Conversely, the first requirement of business is to share data.  Accommodating both simultaneously is foundational to every Zero Trust security architecture. Whereas many Zero Trust vendors focus on protecting data by proxy — Virtru safeguards each data object individually, cryptographically binding data policy to the data itself. This gives data the freedom to move while remaining under the complete control of the data owner. In this light, Virtru represents a critical step in any journey toward a Zero Trust future.

How does Virtru complement and extend traditional data security controls?

Protecting internal data against external threats is critically important.  Equally important is protecting sensitive data that has been shared with others regardless of where it resides.  It’s called data-centric security and practicing it at scale requires a standard way to extend the value of “upstream” data governance (discovery, classification, tagging) into “downstream” collaborative workflows like email, file sharing, and SaaS apps.

The CISO of a Fortune 500 company recently said, “Nirvana is when security controls follow my data wherever it goes.”  Because collaboration is fundamental to modern business innovation, Virtru delivers security and policy controls that protect the data itself, enabling information to flow freely in and out of organizations, without data owners ever sacrificing security, privacy, or control.