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Protect PHI and PII with Virtru to Meet European Data Privacy, Data Sovereignty, and Healthcare Regulatory Requirements

Secure data wherever it’s shared so you can focus on delivering the best patient care.

Healthcare providers need quick access to health data. While cloud collaboration improves accessibility, it also raises questions around potential data loss, patient confidentiality, and data sovereignty/residency concerns. The security of personal data is an essential part of compliance with European healthcare privacy regulations, such as Hébergeur de Données de Santé (HDS) backed up by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Under these regulations, providers and partners are required to secure protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) throughout digital workflows—such as email and file sharing—in order to protect patient confidentiality. Without the required level of protection, healthcare organizations can experience obstacles to migrate to the cloud and improve their communication/collaboration with providers, patients, and payers.

Virtru makes compliance and patient confidentiality easy by putting you in full control of PHI and PII shared across cloud environments, applications, and devices, while enabling seamless access that improves care delivery. Integrated with tools you already use like Gmail, Google Drive, and Microsoft Outlook, Virtru ensures PHI and PII stay protected throughout the course of care.

The Data Protection You Need for the Healthcare Experience You Want

Encrypt It

Use Virtru email and file encryption to protect sensitive data and host your own encryption keys to ensure no third party can access that data.

Manage It

Clearly see what data you’re protecting, where it’s going, and who it’s shared with to ensure data stays under your control.

Solve It

Confidently move to the cloud to improve care collaboration while you meet data sovereignty, data residency, and compliance requirements.

Securely Share PHI Throughout the Course of Care

Virtru helps organizations maintain compliance with healthcare regulations when sharing medical and billing data.


Give out-of-network and internal caregivers seamless, secure access to treatment plans and other PHI for enhanced care coordination.


Share test results, medical histories, and other PHI with patients to promote transparency and reinforce patient trust.


Securely exchange claims and other billing documents to streamline reimbursement workflows with insurance organizations.

Why Leading Healthcare Organizations Choose Virtru

  • End-to-End Encryption: Protect PHI upon creation to prevent unauthorized access and keep it protected and confidential as it’s shared throughout the course of care.
  • Persistent Visibility and Control: See who has accessed PHI, when, and where. Set expiration, disable forwarding, and maintain control of attachments after download. Instantly revoke access to PHI to mitigate compliance risks.
  • Ease of Use: Deploy in minutes, integrating directly with your existing email and file systems. Keep it easy for patients, external providers, and payers because there is no new username or password to create or software to download.

Enabling Privacy and Security with High Data Protection Standards

Virtru is certified by The French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) with the CSPN First Level Security Certification for cyber security to resist cyber attacks and support the growing global mandate for high data security standards.