Guide to Gmail Protection

How to Encrypt Messages and Attachments for Enhanced Control and Privacy

Guide to Gmail Protection screenshot

Your Business is Your Data – And Your Data Lives in Your Email.

The corporate inbox, which stores everything from invaluable intellectual property to highly confidential executive memos, represents a gold mine for hackers and crucial vulnerability for careless employees. That’s why your security strategy must include comprehensive email encryption to shield your organization’s most sensitive data.

This guide will explain the factors driving the need for email encryption, walk you through Google’s native security features, and orient you to the benefits of data-centric encryption. It will also provide a brief overview of Virtru, Google’s recommended encryption solution.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How privacy regulations—including GDPR and CCPA—are raising the stakes for Gmail protection.
  • When Google’s native encryption is not enough to fully secure the data coming in and out of your organization.
  • Why Gmail confidential mode doesn’t keep your emails and attachments truly confidential.
  • How to ensure that Gmail messages and their attachments remain secure with a layered encryption solution.