Product Webinars

Virtru 101 Webinar Series – Secure File Share: Remove Barriers of Digital Collaboration While Building Trust


With Virtru, you’re able to easily protect your data and collaborate with confidence. Now, what if we made sensitive data sharing as easy as sending a personal link?

Watch this webinar to learn about our exciting new product—Virtru Secure Share—and get a sneak peek of it in action. With this new tool you’re able to get the files you need quickly and easily using your personal link, while empowering your collaborators to maintain control of their data. As a result, everyone moves at a heightened speed of collaboration with the confidence that data remains secure.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use your personal link to request and receive files.
  • The seamless experience your collaborators will have when securely sharing files.
  • How to build trust and empower your collaborators to maintain control of their data.
  • Best practices for promoting secure collaboration workflows that still maintain ease of use.
  • Common use cases for secure file sharing.