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Zero Trust Analytics for Federal Customers

Virtru's Cleanroom Enables Secure Analysis of Sensitive Data

As data has become an increasingly valuable enterprise asset, two critical missions have become more of a priority in federal organizations: data scientists and analysts continually call for increased visibility and access to data from across the organization, as well as the ability to combine this with data from external sources; while cybersecurity personnel continue to mitigate increasing levels of risk in the modern IT landscape. When federal organizations need to move to or maintain a Zero Trust security posture, while still enabling advanced analytics on sensitive data, Virtru’s Cleanroom offers a Kubernetes-based platform to support both teams’ needs.

With Virtru’s Cleanroom, an analytic environment that is trusted and secure becomes available to data scientists and other analysts, allowing them to use the tools they need while giving data owners complete control over both the source data and the derived analytic products produced. This complete control over access to both source data and derived analytical products even transcends the boundaries of the organization, giving complete control of data anywhere it is disseminated.

Download the white paper to see how Virtru enables agencies to execute a federal Zero Trust analytics strategy, enabling them to increase visibility and analytical capabilities while maintaining complete control of the data and analytical outputs.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How data engineers, data scientists, and other authorized analysts can securely operate on sensitive data and produce outputs which continue to be controlled by data owners who provided the input data
  • Ways that analytics can be securely derived in a Zero Trust environment
  • Methods for applying Attribute-Based Access Controls to data
  • How to securely manage encryption keys for a Zero Trust analytics environment