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Modernize Government Services and Maintain Compliance.

Virtru enables secure, compliant digital government services to facilitate aid to constituents and power cloud migration.

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Enable Digital Sharing Workflows with End-to-End Encryption

Advances in technology have helped transform government services, enabling government employees to spend more time on mission-critical work and better serve constituents, providing citizens with a much more convenient option for accessing critical government services, and helping streamline collaboration between agencies and departments to provide public services.

While these trends bring massive opportunities for more informed policy decision-making, faster service, and better stewardship of taxpayer-funded budgets, they also carry significant risks. Cloud environments leave sensitive data at risk of exposure, raising concerns regarding privacy and regulatory compliance.

With persistent data protection and granular access controls, Virtru empowers state and local governments to unlock the power of data and maintain control, wherever it is shared. Using Virtru, you can:

  • Ensure compliance with regulations such as CJIS, FERPA, HIPAA, and more.
  • Use protected email and encrypted files to communicate with agency partners, citizens, and third parties.
  • Unlock digital workflows to support remote workers and distributed teams.
  • Boost user adoption with easy-to-use protections, seamless recipient access, and a quick installation process that gets users up and running in minutes.
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Unlock Compliant Digital Workflows

Data Privacy

Privacy and Compliance

End-to-end encryption prevents unauthorized access to email and files containing sensitive data to meet compliance requirements and maintain the privacy of citizens’ PII.

Secure Sharing

Secure Sharing

As sensitive data is shared across cloud environments, Virtru keeps it secure with persistent protection and lets you govern access throughout the data lifecycle.

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Ease of Use

Virtru’s seamless user experience ensures broad adoption. End-to-end encryption and access controls are embedded where users, admins and partners already work.

Keep Sensitive Data Protected and Under Your Control,
Wherever It’s Shared

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Ensure True Privacy of Sensitive Data

Encrypt emails and files shared with citizens, agency partners, service members, and third-party vendors to keep data private and prevent leaks.

Host your own encryption keys to keep data private and prevent unauthorized access, including by your cloud provider.

Power Collaboration with Seamless and Secure Sharing

Give employees and administrators easy-to-use data protection, embedded in existing applications.

Avoid complexities of S/MIME with transparent key exchanges that enable easy, secure data sharing with authorized parties and reduced overhead for administrators.

Enable seamless access for recipients, without requiring new accounts, passwords, or software, for digital sharing workflows that support the rapid delivery of government services.

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Maintain Control and Persistent Visibility

Enable secure sharing across agencies with attribute-based access controls (ABAC) for sensitive data.

Control data wherever it’s shared with instant access revocation, expiration, disable forwarding, and document watermarking capabilities.

Audit who has accessed protected data, when, where, and for how long. Integrate with your SIEM to flag unusual activity.

Trusted by State and Local Governments, Federal Agencies, and Thousands of Other Organizations.

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