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Why Virtru

Organizations today face new challenges in keeping up with their data sharing, workforce productivity, and innovation goals amid mounting concerns about breaches and the introduction of increasingly strict data privacy regulations.

With the global growth in data creation and use across and among applications, connected devices, and environments, business leaders need new solutions that actually protect the data while promoting collaboration to unlock its potential.

Virtru empowers you to easily unlock the power of data while maintaining control, everywhere it’s stored and shared. Our flexible, easy to use, and trusted privacy technologies built on our data protection platform govern access to data throughout its full lifecycle – from creation to transmission, storage, analysis, and sharing.

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Our Vision

As a society, we have gone from being willing to give up privacy in the name of convenience to questioning the lack of control associated with giving away our data. And malicious actors — from criminals to nation states — have become vastly more aggressive and destructive in their pursuit of data, just as privacy advocates and organizations — through regulation and technology innovation — race to regain control over data that already exists, and has yet to be collected. 

Virtru was founded on the core belief that privacy-preserving data protection is both a fundamental right and a force multiplier for organizations. That’s why we provide data protection solutions that actually protect the data. We aim to elevate the global movement for greater digital privacy, and support the digital rights that are foundational to business security and productivity, democracy, and human rights across the globe. Making these aspirations a reality requires a broad range of expertise and perspectives.  

Virtru is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team, integrating a range of insights to create accessible, cutting edge data protection software with a global impact. It’s time to move beyond the insular and outdated approaches to privacy, and unlock the power of privacy to spark innovation and foster a more secure digital world.

Our Mission

Securely sharing data is essential in a digital economy. Our founders, John and Will Ackerly, experienced this unmet necessity first hand while working in national security. As a White House policy advisor during 9/11, John saw how secure data sharing and collaboration could have helped connect the dots and save lives. Will similarly experienced frustrations with data silos in the intelligence community. He created the Trusted Data Format so analysts and operators could confidently share data and collaborate across organizations. 

Virtru was created from these shared experiences and the belief that privacy is both an economic and national security imperative. Today, Virtru remains committed to helping organizations realize the true potential of their data while protecting it from misuse, abuse, and theft. 

With a focus on ease of use and granular-level data protection, Virtru grants organizations the freedom to focus on their mission, innovate, and obtain the peace of mind that comes with the power of privacy.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Virtru’s end-to-end protection and ease-of-use empowers us to share sensitive information without worrying about whether the data is secure.

Bill Dougherty, Vice President of IT and Security at Omada Health

Virtru has been a great partner for us over the years; whatever question we have, their team is always happy to go the extra mile for us! Virtru’s end-to-end email encryption and security expertise allowed us to achieve both efficiency and peace of mind by keeping control of our data.

Ken Cheney, Acting Chief Information Officer at Maryland’s Department of Education

Security is two-fold. Having a method that allows us to communicate openly yet securely is key, but even more important is ease of use. Virtru is usable from day one.

David Bowden, Vice President of Information Security, Data Privacy, Compliance, and Information Technology at Zwift

We had experience with a traditional, portal-based email encryption product, but our users found this mechanism far too cumbersome for our users and their recipients. With Virtru, we found a solution that met our security and compliance requirements, was easy enough to ensure widespread adoption, and gave us the audit and control features we wanted.

Mark Dieterich, Director of Information Technology and Security, Brown University

A Proven Platform for Data Protection and Privacy

Virtru’s proven architecture and out-of-the-box applications prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data to ensure privacy with end-to-end encryption, granular access controls, and customer-hosted keys.

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More than 7,000 customers trust Virtru for their data security and privacy protection.

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“There’s more and more of a sensitivity that if data is personal, it needs to be kept private. As more data is stored in the cloud, we need to use tools to make sure data in the cloud is safe.”

— Forrester, Cloud Security Solutions Forecast, 2018 to 2023.

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