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CJIS Compliant Email

Secure sensitive emails and files with
256-bit client-side encryption


The Easiest Way To Protect CJI Data

Strong encryption is a critical part of maintaining CJIS compliance for communications between agencies, administrators, and field personnel. By using data-centric encryption, law enforcement professionals can ensure that emails and files are protected before they're shared.

Virtru integrates with the email services that agencies already use every day, like G Suite, Gmail, and Outlook, providing a means of encrypting CJI data before it is stored by any cloud provider. Encryption keys stay resident in the United States and in the control of cleared US citizens.

  • Protect CJI with one Click

    Encrypt sensitive data within your existing email composition window

  • Take Control of Your Email

    Disable forwarding, set expiration times, and watermark PDFs

  • Detect CJI with Rules

    Automatically identify and encrypt CJI, or simply warn users.

  • Watermark and Track PDFs

    Watermark PDFs with the recipient’s email address and monitor who shares your sensitive documents.

  • Govern Your Entire Agency

    A seamless dashboard experience let’s you track message flow, disable forwarding, and revoke messages for everyone in your agency.

The Guide to CJIS Compliance for G Suite

Uncovering a Solution for Email, Document, and Video Sharing

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Virtru Pro Enables CJIS Compliant Email and File Sharing

With Virtru Pro, organizations can send CJI data via email, revoke sent messages, restrict forwarding, and expire access to emails and files. Confidential information sent to colleagues, other agencies, and jurisdictions remains private, audit-ready, and protected.

One of the most important requirements is the use of encryption prior to storage with a cloud provider, using a minimum of 128-bit encryption. Virtru is built on the Trusted Data Format (TDF) using 256-bit AES, client-side encryption to provide a confidentiality layer that allows your data to be stored on any third party system in a CJIS compliant manner.

Virtru Pro also enables compliance with the CJIS Smartphone Policy by requiring authentication of the Virtru App in order to send and receive secure messages and attachments.

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  • Easy for the sender: One click to encrypt. Works with existing email addresses, devices, and tools.
  • Easy for the receiver: No software to install, no portals, no new accounts.
  • Data-centric encryption: Only you and your intended recipients can decrypt. No service provider, including Virtru, has access to your content.
  • Features Virtru DLP which detects sensitive content and either auto-encrypts or warns you..
  • Users and admins can revoke a message at any time, even after it’s been opened.
  • See and control where messages are forwarded. Set expiration dates.
  • Installs in minutes. Works with Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, iOS, and Android.
  • Enables compliance with CJIS regulations for data protection.
  • Search your encrypted emails without giving access to third parties.
  • Easily watermark PDFs and view read receipts for hte emails you send.

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