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The Virtru Trusted Data Protection Platform

Encryption, access controls, and key management that let you scale data-centric protection across your sensitive data workflows.


A Proven Platform for Data Protection and Privacy


The Virtru Trusted Data Platform (TDP) is powered by the Trusted Data Format (TDF), the open industry standard for object-level encryption that keeps data protected and under the owner’s control. Using the TDF software development kit (SDK), third parties can embed discrete policies and rules for their data into their custom applications and workflows that prevent unauthorized access and ensure data privacy. Each data object is wrapped with the TDF and ingested into the TDP for processing, where data owners can govern which users and analytics systems can access the data and its derived outputs, as defined by user and data attributes and policy logic.

Virtru’s technology ensures persistent, secure, multi-party control of data at scale, for use in applications including contact tracing, critical resource planning, connected device security, secure analytics, and others.

The Virtru TDP employs a split knowledge architecture that stores encrypted content separately from the encryption keys protecting it, supporting a Zero-Trust framework, where all system components are continuously authenticated, verified, and authorized.

Virtru's Technology

Encryption is fairly straightforward, but decryption is hard to get right. Virtru brings unmatched ease of use to the secure data-sharing process, making it truly easy to protect data everywhere it moves. 

Secure Reader

A seamless, web-based experience that enables access to protected messages and files for external recipients and collaborators.

Audit and Control

Features to maintain verifiable control over email and files with persistent visibility, even as they’re shared externally.

Key Management

Split-knowledge architecture stores encrypted content separately from the encryption keys protecting it, supporting a Zero Trust framework.

Trusted Data Format

An open standard for object-level encryption that keeps data protected and under the owner’s control, wherever it’s shared.

Use Cases: How Customers Use the Virtru Data Protection Platform

Virtru's technology is versatile. Here are some of the contexts where our capabilities are being used by more than 8,000 customers. 
Virtru Office collaboration

Secure Analytics

In order to generate meaningful insights from their highest-impact analytic models, institutions must have access to massive amounts of data that can only be gathered by sharing information with other partner organizations.

Even though they understand the benefits of broader information exchanges, organizations are usually reluctant to share their most valuable data with analytics collaborators due to a lack of transparency into, control over, and ownership of their data once it’s been transmitted.

The Virtru TDP ensures that access to datasets remains cryptographically imposed by encrypting all data and enforcing policies on their associated key servers, while still enabling seamless collaboration using the analytics.

Woman uses smart watch on a jog

Connected Devices

Manufacturers around the world are competing to develop new IoT devices and put them in consumers’ hands. But the rapid speed of product development does not always allow enough time for security considerations.

IoT sensors continuously stream large volumes of sensitive data from devices to the cloud. This data must uphold privacy standards across its entire lifecycle—from collection to transmission to analysis—even when the device itself may be insecure.

The Virtru TDP’s access, revocation, and expiration controls are particularly important for protecting IoT devices that can be lost or stolen.

A nurse wearing a mask looks outside a window at the sunrise

Emergency Medical Response

Healthcare experts responding to global health emergencies need access to data to track and slow the spread of disease and allocate resources where they are most needed.

Assuring verifiable control builds trust that, in turn, allows healthcare providers, government officials, and others to quickly and accurately generate new and better insights, leading to more effective action plans that will allow us to reopen our economy sooner, without sacrificing privacy.

The Virtru Trusted Data Platform ensures data is used only for its intended purpose and includes strong controls that give individuals the power to share, approve, and revoke access to their sensitive information at any time.

Developer at his laptop works on building an application

Application Security

While Application Security professionals remain focused on safeguarding data and staying compliant with changing regulations, developers are building new applications and data-sharing workflows at a record pace.

Open source tools, containers, and low code platforms have accelerated the release process, making it tough for security practitioners to keep up. When end-to-end data encryption and access control features are readily available and easy to implement, true DevSecOps execution becomes a reality.

With the Virtru TDP, your team can add object-level data protection to applications and workflows with ease.