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Get Started with Virtru for Microsoft 365

Welcome to Virtru! Let's get your organization set up quickly and easily, so you can start protecting data.

Phase 1: Configure Virtru

First thing's first: Set your organization up for success by integrating Virtru. 


Sync Virtru with Azure

Syncing Virtru with your Azure unlocks features like support for group addresses, aliases, and shared mailboxes.

Alternatively, you can add users manually. You can also refresh an existing sync whenever you need to. 

Enable Encrypted Search

This feature lets users search the contents of encrypted emails in their inboxes, which is particularly useful if you're sending a lot of encrypted content. 

Microsoft copy

Phase 2: Notify Your Team, Partners, & Customers

Let your team in on the good news! Make sure they are aware that Virtru will be deployed, so they know what to expect. You'll also want to let your customers and partners know about any upcoming changes to their experience. 
Virtru Intro Email- MSFT

Phase 3: Deploy Virtru

You're off to a great start. Let's get your teams using Virtru! 

Automatically Push Virtru to Your Team

Pushing Virtru to your users' machines automatically ensures this important security and compliance layer is present exactly where you need it to be. Plus, force installation saves your users time - they don’t have to manually install Virtru - all they have to do is activate Virtru and start using it! 

If you don’t want to force-install Virtru, you can have your users manually install Virtru on their machines. Just share this link with them.

Start Protecting Data!

Your team is now ready to send encrypted emails and files. (It's what you bought Virtru for, after all!) Be sure to let your users know about key features like the ability to revoke an email and customize security controls to get the most out of the Virtru experience.

You're All Set! Now Take Virtru a Step Further.

Now that you've deployed Virtru, you're on the way to safeguarding sensitive information everywhere it travels. But that's just the start of your data-centric journey: Here are additional resources to make the most of Virtru.

Extend data-centric security across your organization.