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The International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulation (EAR) regulates technical data used for development of defense items and services and dual-use items with government and commercial applications. Technical data in cloud environments accessible by foreign entities is considered an export, subject to severe fines without proper licenses. Previous rules blocked technical data from cloud environments due to export risks, but a new rule effective March 25th aligns ITAR to EAR to allow technical data protected with end-to-end encryption to be stored and shared in the cloud.

With this new ruling, Virtru can unlock new digital collaboration workflows while ensuring privacy and compliance. Contact us today to learn how:

  • Virtru’s end-to-end encryption supports ITAR and EAR compliance by preventing foreign entities from accessing technical data.
  • Granular controls and persistent visibility let you adapt access privileges to keep your digital supply chain ITAR and EAR compliant.
  • Compliant collaboration workflows accelerate partnerships, power innovation, and drive growth

End-to-End Encryption Enables
Private, Compliant Sharing to Power Innovation

Data Privacy


Prevent foreign entities from accessing ITAR and EAR technical data with end-to-end encryption that keeps it private and compliant throughout the full data life cycle.

Secure Sharing

Secure Sharing

Protect ITAR and EAR technical data from unauthorized export wherever it’s shared throughout supply chain workflows and maintain persistent control and visibility.



Unlock new collaboration workflows with partners that support new service and product innovation that drive growth.

“Virtru is incredibly simple, so users comply, and data stays safe.”

– Mark Steward, Vice President of Technology, Baird & Warner

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