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Data-Centric Security for Microsoft Outlook

Email is a critical part of your business operations — and many emails contain sensitive information like proprietary data, customer PII, and other regulated information subject to compliance. 

Protect your organization's inbound and outbound Outlook emails and attachments with Virtru's easy-to-use encryption and access control. 

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Encrypt Outlook Email with Virtru

Virtru meets your teams where you work. Use Virtru's client-side encryption plugin or add-in, or Virtru's server-side Data Protection Gateway for heightened security while collaborating in Outlook.

Virtru with Microsoft Outlook
Virtru's Data Protection Platform is FedRAMP-authorized and supports the world's strictest compliance regulations, including  CMMC 2.0, ITAR, CJIS, GLBA, and many more.  Default

Virtru's data protection tools are easy for everyone to use: Admins, internal users, and external recipients. Recipients don't need to create any new accounts or passwords to access encrypted information that's been shared with them. 

Virtru Data Protection Gateway Decrypt
With Virtru Secure Share, your teams can encrypt and securely share files too large to be shared over email — with the same granular access controls available inside of Outlook. Admins also gain visiblity into data sharing.
Virtru with Microsoft Outlook Default Virtru Data Protection Gateway Decrypt

With Virtru for Microsoft, you can:

Avoid the Hefty Costs of GCC High

Microsoft's GCC High package is expensive, especially for smaller defense contractors and other organizations with heightened security and privacy needs. Virtru layers onto Microsoft's Commercial Cloud and other packages for advanced security without the high price tag.

Manage Your Own Encryption Keys

Don't trust your content and your encryption keys to the same vendor: With the Virtru Private Keystore, you can encrypt sensitive data stored in Microsoft's cloud (or on prem) and manage keys separately for stronger data sovereignty and control.

Support Strict Compliance Regulations

Whether it's CMMC, ITAR, HIPAA, or a state-level privacy regulation like New York Ed Law 2-D or CCPA, Virtru supports compliance regulations from A to Z. Our client- and server-side controls enable a wide range of compliance.