Protect Sensitive Data Throughout the Supply Chain

Virtru helps manufacturers secure external communications and maintain compliance by enabling private data sharing workflows with industry-leading ease of use.
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Privacy and Ease of Use to Transform Supply Chain Operations

Data Privacy
True Privacy

Ensure no unauthorized third party ever has access to your data, no matter where it’s shared.

Ease of Use

Enable broad adoption with seamless user experiences, embedded where users, admins and partners already work.

Innovate with Confidence

Don’t let dynamic data protection and regulatory requirements slow down software development and IT projects.

Keep Proprietary Data Private, Wherever It Is Shared

Ensure True Privacy for Your Customers

Encrypt emails, CAD documents, or any other file type containing proprietary R&D information, product specifications, industrial designs, and other intellectual property.

Host your own encryption keys to keep data private and prevent government surveillance.

Seamless and Secure Sharing to Power Continuous Innovation

Give employees and administrators easy-to-use data protection, embedded in existing applications, such as Gmail, Outlook, and Google Drive.

Avoid complexities of S/MIME with transparent key exchanges that enable easy, secure data sharing with suppliers and reduced overhead for administrators.

Enable seamless access for suppliers, without requiring new accounts, passwords, or software, for digital sharing workflows that support rapid product development cycles.

Granular Access Control and Audit

Control proprietary data wherever it’s shared with instant access revocation, expiration, disable forwarding, and document watermarking.

Audit who has accessed your data, when, where, and for how long. Integrate with your SIEM to flag unusual activity.

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