The Easiest & Most Secure End-to-End Encryption for Microsoft Email

Protect emails and files directly from Outlook, Office 365, and OWA without changing the way you work today.

Protecting Your Data is as Easy as Using Microsoft Email

Read and Respond From Your Inbox

View Virtru encrypted emails directly in Outlook or Office 365.

Know Who’s Read Your Emails and Control Access

Revoke or expire messages, control forwarding, and add watermarks to PDFs with easy-to-use controls.

Search Encrypted Outlook Messages

Search your encrypted messages from Outlook without giving access to third parties.

“Virtru is very easy to use, from the moment an email is in draft, it’s secure.”

Rob Ballon, Project Manager, Veterans Administration

“Virtru’s ease of use and fast implementation sets it apart from other solutions.”

Steve Mena, VP of Operations, Premier Health Care

Easy-to-Use Administrative Controls

Deploy and Implement Quickly

Unlike legacy encryption software, Virtru is simple to enable and quick to roll out to users.

Gain Visibility and Insight

Quickly see where emails and files have been shared – inside and outside your organization.

Set, Enforce, and Report on Enterprise Policies

Configure rules and enforce security policies from a central location.

Built for the Enterprise

Host Your Own Keys

Choose where to host your keys to meet data protection, privacy, or data location requirements.

Automatically Protect Emails from Any Device

Detect and protect sensitive content before it leaves your domain, whether it’s sent from a PC, phone, or any connected device.

Audit and Control Access to Content

Gain granular insight and control over your content, even after it’s been shared. Audit access, revoke or expire messages, control forwarding, or add watermarks to PDFs.

“If your organization needs to increase email security, Virtru offers the features you need and is surprisingly easy to use.”

Ben Baez, VP and CIO, Application Admin, Bancroft

The Virtru Difference

Legacy Data Protection

  • Not end-to-end encrypted
  • Requires software installation
  • Must create new account and password
  • Complex certificate and key management infrastructure
  • Requires prior trust relationship
  • Impossible to search protected content
Virtru Secure User-First Technology

Patented technology for ease of use and control.

Trusted Data Format

Open standard for self protecting data.

Virtru Data Protection

  • End-to-end encrypted
  • No software to install
  • Use existing identity
  • Seamless key management, host keys anywhere
  • Share with anyone
  • Search encrypted content

Learn How Virtru Secures Data in The Cloud

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