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UK Energy Provider Powers Through Organizational Change with Compliance-Driven Email

As one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK, serving over 6 million households with electricity and gas, this organization prioritizes the security of sensitive customer data while navigating complex regulatory requirements and organizational changes. With Virtru, this energy provider is able to:
  • Securely communicate with new employees before they have company identities
  • Protect sensitive customer, personnel, and corporate data within Gmail and Microsoft 365
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR, PCI, and industry-specific regulations
  • Facilitate secure collaboration within a changing organizational structure

Securing Sensitive Data and Strengthening Compliance in a Complex Industry

"We deal with a lot of customer data, some of it quite sensitive with regards to the state of their accounts, our personnel data. We also run our own HR department, [and handle] a lot of legal data," explains the organization's Cyber Security Operations Manager. "We work in a heavily regulated industry. We have to seek legal advice. We have large regulatory teams, and we also deal with our external regulators frequently. A lot of that is over email."

As part of a multinational utilities company with a strong emphasis on privacy, the company must adhere to strict data protection standards, including GDPR, PCI requirements, smart energy code requirements, and ISO 27501. Virtru plays a crucial role in meeting these diverse compliance needs.


From Phone Calls to Encryption: Revolutionizing Remote Onboarding

Created during the pandemic, the company faced the challenge of securely communicating with new employees who had never even set foot in an office. 

"We needed to be able to securely communicate with them through their own email service before we were able to send any kit to them," the cyber ops manager noted.

Virtru's compatibility with Gmail and Office 365 allowed the organization to securely share confidential information with new employees, replacing cumbersome processes involving phone calls and password-protected attachments. 

"We've been able to roll over those processes into using Virtru so that we can securely share confidential information with employees, but doing that through Virtru in a much, much slicker fashion," he said.
Plug-and-Play Security: Virtru's Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Design

The company’s IT team found Virtru remarkably easy to deploy within their Google Workspace environment. 

"We had very little effort from [our I.T. team’s] side to get this out and available to all of our staff. For an administrator in our small team that looks after the rules and the configuration of Virtru, it was really easy for us to use and understand what's going on with our users," the Cyber Security Operations Manager emphasized.

The solution's intuitive interface has proven accessible to employees across various levels of IT competency - from the green but digital native employees, to seasoned veterans reticent to new software.

"With Virtru it's been quite easy and intuitive for them to pick the tool up and to use it," he added.

The Value of Virtru: Supporting Organizational Change

As the organization undergoes significant internal restructuring, Virtru continues to play a vital role in facilitating secure communication and collaboration. 

"It's very much about how can we use Virtru to support employees in coming in to a new way of working, and allowing them to secure data and work in ways that they may have been used to in the parent company, but in a completely different IT architecture," the cyber ops manager explained.

This energy supplier and its IT team value Virtru's personal approach to customer engagement and appreciates the transparency in addressing product requests and technical questions. "We feel that everyone at Virtru is approachable," he noted. "We've been able to take those to the people at the right level of seniority to get their view on it."

As this team continues to power millions of UK homes, Virtru powers the secure communications that keep this energy giant running smoothly, confidently, and securely. In an industry where trust is as vital as the energy they provide, the partnership with Virtru ensures they're well-equipped to face whatever challenges the future may bring.