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Move Fast, Stay Secure: Efficient Security for High-Performing Support Teams

Air Date: August 3, 2023


In the latest Hash It Out episode, where we dive into the world of Customer Support teams and gain insight into their day-to-day challenges. Virtru’s Senior Director of Customer Support, Alex Litoff, sits down with Senior Director, Solutions Engineer, Trevor Foskett, to walk through a “day in the life” of a high-performing support team, including the complex challenges his team experiences every day, handling vast amounts of sensitive information to deliver exceptional customer service, and ultimately building customer trust. Data security and privacy are not just best practices; they are necessary to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. This episode sheds light on the critical role of support teams, the risks they face when handling sensitive data, and the importance of empowering them with efficient tools for data security and efficiency.

This discussion will cover: 

  • The complexities and responsibilities of customer support teams and the need for secure tools to handle sensitive information efficiently.

  • Common pain points experienced by support teams, such as data access control and integration of security tools.

  • The significance of data privacy and regulatory compliance and the potential consequences of data breaches.

  • The importance of seamless integrations of solutions in your tech stack and future-proofing for evolving customer support needs.

  • Actionable strategies and best practices to excel in data security while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Tune in with a cup of coffee (free, on Virtru!) to gain valuable insights into the world of customer support and how to enhance data security while providing outstanding service.

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