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5 Reasons Why Enterprises are Moving to Google

Considering a Google migration? In this guide, discover some of the key reasons for planning an enterprise Google migration.

Choosing your cloud provider is a big decision that will have an enduring impact on your organization: It reshapes the way your entire organization collaborates, innovates, and delivers customer experiences. Whether you opt for Microsoft 365 or a Google migration, a move to the cloud can be a transformative journey — both for your team members and your customers.

The enterprise technology ecosystem is complex, making any kind of cloud migration — whether on-prem to cloud, or switching cloud providers — a big decision for enterprise IT and security leaders. Especially for organizations that manage regulated data and complex workflows, this is a decision to approach carefully and deliberately. Before a move to the cloud can even begin, it's essential to plan ahead for meeting compliance regulations and sharing data securely.

But enterprises are finding that the benefits of migrating to Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform are well worth the effort, and that the long-term payoff sets them up for future success and accelerated growth. In a marketplace where seamless collaboration and security are table stakes, enterprises are looking to their cloud platforms to set them apart and equip them for future success and scalable growth. Your chosen cloud provider can set the tone for your brand, both internally for your teams and externally for your customers.

So, what have we observed from our enterprise customers and colleagues across industries? We've noted five key trends that indicate why enterprises are choosing a Google migration — ultimately enhancing their ability to collaborate, innovate, and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Examine the reasons why customers are selecting Google’s ecosystem
  • Understand the value Google brings to the enterprise workplace
  • Uncover the potential benefits of an enterprise Google migration
  • Discover why security is an essential component of a cloud migration strategy
  • Assess the ROI of a cloud migration