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Google Workspace: A First Step Toward Zero Trust Security

It’s no secret! Google Workspace (Gmail, Drive, Meet, and more) helps organizations, their employees, and partners collaborate and communicate securely and privately in today's work-from-anywhere environment.

Indeed, it’s a great first step toward enabling your business with secure collaboration tools, but it’s definitely not the last step you’ll need to take in order to achieve true Zero Trust control over sensitive data.

Why? Because although Google Workspace provides a rock solid foundation for secure business collaboration, it does not, by itself, offer the unique protection that your data demands for compliance with ITAR, CMMC, HIPAA, and other regulations.

The Unique Challenge of Protecting Data in Today’s Perimeterless World:

  • Deperimeterization: The global pandemic dramatically accelerated the rise of hybrid work and led to more users accessing more systems, from more devices, in more locations from outside the bounds of the corporate office – all at the same time cyber attacks were increasing 125%.
  • Rising Costs: The average cost of a data breach rose from $3.86 million to $4.24 million in 2021. Healthcare and financial services industries face an even greater potential impact.
  • Lack of technical skills: 87% of organizations lack the technical skills necessary to defend themselves and their data.
  • Compliance Setbacks: Organizations failing to comply with relevant data regulations face an average data breach cost of $5.65 million (from fines, penalties, and lawsuits).
  • Reputation Impacts: Cost of customer trust can be measured at ~58% of consumers stopping their spending for several months post-breach and 1/5 abandoning services outright.

Google Workspace + Virtru = Customer Success:

Google Workspace, combined with Virtru, provides businesses with access to best-in-class security and Zero Trust policy control for email, meetings, messages, documents, and more.

By combining Google Workspace and Virtru together – your company can easily migrate to a uniquely secure collaboration solution which makes complying with ITAR, CMMC, and HIPAA data regulations a breeze – whether you have in-house IT experts or not.

Other companies embracing Google Workspace and Virtru have had great success and generated compelling ROI. Download the data sheet to learn more.