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From Good to GREAT: How Omada Health is Transforming Virtual Healthcare with Zero Trust Data Control

Omada Health

“Trust is the foundation of our entire business model. My department’s mission in the greater company is to earn and prove that trust every day, so we will continue to get customers and get patients. We do a lot to secure our data and provide proof to our customers and partners that we are good stewards of their data.” 

Bill Dougherty


Virtru Voice of the Customer (VVoC) Webinar Recording

Air Date: October 26, 2022



The digital world is now perimeter-less, and the practice of cybersecurity is rapidly shifting from centralized to decentralized policy controls. In response, the vast majority of Zero Trust security initiatives have focused primarily on governing access to structured data that organizations possess internally. Thus, a critical question remains unanswered: How can Zero Trust security leaders govern access to unstructured data that is constantly being shared externally via email and file-centric workflows?

In this discussion, Bill Dougherty explains how he and the team at Omada Health are transforming the business of virtual care by empowering front-line healthcare workers to quickly and easily share sensitive health data without sacrificing privacy, security, ownership, or compliance with stringent regulations. A recurring theme was topics of trust – ranging from Zero Trust, to the trusted tools he incorporates into his tech stack that keep Omada’s data secure. He also shares insights on his role as the CISO at Omada Health and weighs in on recent news headlines as it relates to encryption trends and data breaches.