Case Study

Hear from a Peer: Protecting Student and Staff Data in Schools

Hear from a Peer Cohoes City Schools

Schools are stewards of immensely valuable student, faculty, and staff data—much of which falls under regulations like HIPAA, FERPA, and state regulations like New York Ed Law 2-d.

In this conversation, Sylvi Joseph, Director of Technology Operations for Cohoes City School District in Upstate New York, shares with Virtru’s Brett McCrae, Senior Director of Customer Success, how he manages data and technology for his school district.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Cohoes City School District manages technology and data.
  • What types of sensitive data schools and universities manage, and why it’s important to protect them.
  • What emerging cybersecurity trends are taking place in the education space.
  • How the school district uses Virtru to secure sensitive communications while maintaining compliance with New York Ed Law 2-d, HIPAA, FERPA, and others.
  • How to approach IT challenges in a way that breaks down large challenges into manageable steps.


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