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Physical Therapy Network Deploys Domain-Wide Data Security with Virtru

Team Rehab
"Between Virtru’s email security and the Virtru Secure Share integration for Zendesk, our most common and highest-volume collaboration workflows can remain secure."

Jill Emerson

System Administrator and Member

Team Rehab is a network of more than 150 outpatient physical therapy clinics throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Because of its many office locations, quickly growing team,  and the nature of the healthcare information it needs to handle, Team Rehab needed a simple, secure way to share information with patients, legal teams, and other physicians. 

With Virtru, Team Rehab can now:

  • Automatically encrypt sensitive files shared via Zendesk, Gmail, and Outlook
  • Strengthen patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance 
  • Ensure a smooth experience for recipients accessing health-related information

Respecting and Protecting Patients’ Private Health Information

Team Rehab prides itself in delivering great patient experiences. With offices across several U.S. states, the organization frequently needs to share information across locations and teams. Team Rehab uses Zendesk as their CRM to manage patient requests and customer service information, and they use email to communicate with legal and insurance contacts when needed. 

For Jill Emerson, System Administrator and Member for Team Rehab, having data protection in place for these apps is a high priority, particularly as data breaches and cyber attacks continue to escalate, in every industry. “The worse the world gets, the more we have to think about protection at every level in our lives and in our jobs, everywhere we go,” Emerson said. “With Virtru, we now have that extra level of protection.” Virtru’s data protection also helps Team Rehab strengthen their compliance with regulations like HIPAA. 

“I Sleep Better at Night” — The Benefits of Domain-Wide Security 

When Team Rehab started using Virtru, they began with a set of licenses for power users who needed to send encrypted emails multiple times a day. But when it came time to renew their Virtru package, Jill and her team wanted to expand data protection to cover the entire domain. Team Rehab is growing quickly, adding new teams and personnel all the time. So, with domain-wide coverage, everyone will have access to the same data protection tools they need to secure patient data and support HIPAA compliance. The IT team also benefits from not having to manually add and remove users when employees and contractors come and go. Virtru is accessible to everyone.

“It’s huge to have your entire domain protected,” said Emerson. “We're in healthcare; we're a physical therapy company, and to have that level of advanced data protection without having to think about it, that’s priceless. Between Virtru’s email security and the Virtru Secure Share integration for Zendesk, our most common and highest-volume collaboration workflows can remain secure.” 

“You only have to get hacked once; it only takes one bad apple. I've experienced that before. So, it speaks volumes to now have encryption across the organization. I can sleep better at night.”

Communicating Securely with Legal and Insurance Partners

Team Rehab’s patients receive physical therapy or occupational therapy for myriad reasons — and some of those cases include workplace injuries and auto accidents, where information related to a patient’s case needs to be managed and communicated with legal representatives, insurance partners, and employers. 

In these situations, Team Rehab needs to stay in close communication with those external parties via email. And that’s when they use Virtru for email and Zendesk to ensure that sensitive patient information is shared quickly and securely, in a way that external contacts can easily access the information they need to support the patient. “The Virtru product has allowed us to accommodate those external partners, too,” Emerson said. Because Team Rehab uses Virtru, those partners don’t have to create any new logins to access shared data, and they don’t need to have Virtru installed. Virtru-protected files and emails can be accessed in any browser. 

As Team Rehab continues to quickly grow and expand, Emerson and her team are confident that the necessary security capabilities will scale with them, both in Zendesk and via email and other file-sharing platforms. Emerson concluded, “We love the Virtru product, and we think it’s a great fit for us.”