ITAR Compliance

ITAR Compliant Email and File Sharing

Prevent non-US entities from accessing ITAR technical data throughout cloud-based sharing workflows with data-centric protection and powerful key management capabilities.

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Documents containing ITAR technical data stay protected wherever they’re shared throughout the supply chain with the Virtru Secure Reader.

Enable ITAR Compliant File Sharing Workflows for Technical Data

Manufacturing and aerospace and defense organizations with ITAR technical data related to items on the United States Munitions List (USML) must protect it from access by non-US entities, but gaps in native cloud security capabilities limit your visibility, presenting a dilemma. Embracing cloud-based collaboration workflows risks technical data exposure, steep non-compliance penalties, and criminal charges, while blocking digital supply chain workflows inhibits collaboration, frustrates your supply chain partners, and puts you at a competitive advantage. Virtru helps support ITAR compliance by protecting ITAR technical data from access by non-US entities wherever it’s shared, unlocking the cloud’s efficiency and cost-saving benefits. With end-to-end encryption, granular access controls, and customer-hosted keys, Virtru addresses native cloud security gaps to prevent foreign entities from accessing technical data.

Unlock ITAR Compliant Digital Supply Chain Workflows

Data Privacy


Prevent foreign entities from accessing ITAR technical data or the keys protecting it with end-to-end encryption and customer-hosted keys.

secure sharing

Secure Sharing

Keep ITAR technical data protected wherever it’s shared throughout cloud-based supply chain workflows and maintain persistent control and visibility.



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Calculate How Much Sensitive Data You’re Sharing with our Data Sharing Calculator

Email Calculator

Calculate How Much Sensitive Data You’re Sharing with our Data Sharing Calculator

Email Calculator

Data Protection and Control to Prevent Access by Non-US Entities

End-to-End Encryption

Encrypt Gmail and Outlook messages and Drive files directly within the client, before they reach cloud servers to avoid concerns regarding geolocation and access by non-US personnel. Only your organization and authorized collaborators can access technical data stored and shared in the cloud.

google drive encryption
persistent protection

Persistent Protection and Control, Seamless Access

Disable forwarding, set expiration, and revoke access immediately. Watermark files to deter technical data leaks. Apply persistent protection to maintain control wherever files are shared, while giving supply chain partners seamless, secure access through the Secure Reader.

Granular Audit Trails

View when and where email messages, attachments, and files containing ITAR technical data have been accessed during their lifecycle. Adapt controls as access requirements evolve throughout supply chain workflows.

audit trails
email encryption rules

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Configure DLP rules that scan emails and attachments to detect private data, then automatically enforce encryption and access controls that persistent throughout collaboration workflows to ensure privacy.

Proven Platform to Support ITAR Compliance

software development kit

Trusted Data Format (TDF)

Open standard built to address gaps in secure sharing between federal agencies that provides object-level encryption and binds data to policies and metadata to ensure only authorized users can access technical data.

Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Embed protection and controls into the apps and systems that power your digital supply chain workflows to prevent access by non-US entities.

key management

Key Management

Integrate with existing key management processes and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Host your own keys so that only your authorized US personnel can access the keys protecting ITAR technical data for ultimate control.

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