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DNA Worldwide Secures Biological Test Results with Virtru

“When your business has private, confidential information about people, securing that data isn’t an option—it’s an absolute requirement. You need a secure platform to deliver that capability, and Virtru is the best in the market.” David Nicholson, Founder and Managing Director, DNA Worldwide

DNA Worldwide is a trusted provider of DNA and medical testing for the U.K. court system, including social services, family court cases, and rehabilitation.

DNA Worldwide needed a way to securely communicate the vital results of these tests to clients, legal representatives, and the court system. In addition to ensuring that data was well-protected, the organization also needed to make sure recipients could quickly and easily access that important, time-sensitive information.

The Result:

  • Maintain trust by safeguarding private health data everywhere it’s shared. Virtru’s email encryption capabilities and data loss prevention (DLP) rules can encrypt certain types of data by default.
  • Add a layer of security to its CRM software. With Virtru’s Data Protection Gateway, DNA Worldwide can automatically protect the sensitive data that flows through its customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Meet GDPR compliance standards for securely managing clients’ sensitive personal information.
  • Ensure clients can readily access urgent information. DNA Worldwide clients can easily access their data, whenever they need it without needing to create new accounts and passwords.

“When your business has private, confidential information about people, securing that data isn’t an option—it’s an absolute requirement,” said David Nicholson, Founder and Managing Director of DNA Worldwide. “You need a secure platform to deliver that capability, and Virtru is the best in the market.”

Sharing Test Results Quickly and Securely

As a trusted provider of medical information to the U.K. legal community, DNA Worldwide is dedicated to maintaining trust and credibility. Nicholson sees security as a key facet of that mission: “I can’t think of anything more important than data security and privacy,” he said.

Because the company’s test results can be key components of court cases, there is often a sense of urgency for recipients accessing that information—whether it’s a drug or alcohol test to assess rehabilitation or a DNA test to confirm the biological relationships of a child. “We’re sharing highly personal information, so it’s very important for people to have access to that data, but not in a way that can be compromised,” Nicholson said. “We needed an easy route for clients to get the test results they’re waiting for.”

Seeking Out a Simple Solution

Prior to using Virtru, DNA Worldwide was evaluating other data protection options, but found those solutions too difficult and cumbersome for users.

When Nicholson and his team discovered Virtru, they tested it out to get a feel for the user experience. “I wanted a solution that could make it really simple for people,” Nicholson recalled. He described the positive experience of quickly and easily opening up a Virtru secure email as a recipient and thinking, “Great! This is it!”

DNA Worldwide first implemented Virtru’s Gmail encryption for employees, which equipped its team to securely share sensitive information via email. The organization later added Virtru’s Data Protection Gateway as an incremental, automated layer of protection to its customer relationship management system, SugarCRM, to ensure emails sent through that platform also remained secure.

Comprehensive Support for a Company-Wide Rollout

For DNA Worldwide, it was important to thoroughly test Virtru’s solutions to ensure they were the right fit for the entire organization, as well as its clients. Starting with Virtru’s Gmail solution, the organization started with a small group of internal test users before gradually expanding to more employees and sharing data with more clients. Once Virtru’s Gmail browser plugin was deployed across the company, they conducted a proof of concept to explore an integration of Virtru’s Data Protection Gateway with SugarCRM.

Now, the entire company uses Virtru’s data protection for Gmail, and the Gateway automatically applies encryption to sensitive messages sent via its CRM. “It can be a bit of a leap to adopt a new solution,” Nicholson said. “Virtru’s support team takes a lot of care in what they do, and they did an amazing job partnering with us all the way through the testing and implementation process.”

When asked what advice he would give to other business leaders evaluating Virtru, Nicholson said, “If you’re looking for a provider to keep your business communications secure, while making it simple to access the information you share, Virtru is the ideal solution.”

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About DNA Worldwide

Based in the U.K., DNA Worldwide provides DNA, drug, and alcohol testing using the U.K.’s most advanced testing platform. In addition to trust and support, it prioritizes accuracy and reliability, both for its testing and communications with clients. DNA Worldwide conveys highly sensitive, personal medical data to its clients with the confidence that it’s being securely shared.