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Virtru Secure Share for Customer Support Teams

Customer support teams handle sensitive customer information on a daily basis–information that has real-life consequences in the event of a breach. Whether it’s login credentials, passwords, or log files, customer support teams need an efficient and secure way to exchange information with customers that won’t disrupt their workflows.

Virtru Secure Share is an encrypted file-sharing platform that allows you, your support teams, and your customers to share the information they need to quickly resolve issues, while maintaining support for regulatory compliance obligations.

How Customer Support Teams Use Virtru Secure Share

Close Customer Support Tickets Faster

Whether it’s a simple password reset, a complex support issue or a customer onboarding process, Virtru Secure Share helps support representatives confidently gather and share the  information they need to resolve customer issues quickly. Virtru Secure Share enables customer support teams to:
Easily and securely gather sensitive files from customers like log files, account credentials, screenshots, network information, and more.
Exchange encrypted information to help resolve support tickets faster, without fear of breaching customer data. 
Build trust with customers, who can share their information with the confidence that it’s secure. 

Get the Information You Need Fast, Without Leaving Your Support Apps

For customer support teams, time is of the essence: A clunky data exchange can result in subpar outcomes and slower ticket resolution. Virtru Secure Share delivers fast and secure file sharing right where you need it by integrating with the business applications your support teams use, like Salesforce and Zendesk. Information can be shared and accessed directly within a customer’s ticket or case, so your team can resolve issues faster. 

Support Compliance Requirements

Depending on your industry, you may be beholden to data security regulations like: PCI, GLBA, GDPR, CCPA, ITAR, CMMC, and others. Secure Share gives you uniquely powerful oversight – at any point in time, data owners can grant or revoke access to content, set expiration dates, or track who has accessed it using the Control Center.

Inbound and Outbound File Sharing: Key Features

One-Click File Sharing

Support representatives can easily request sensitive files from customers using  a personalized link. By clicking on this link, customers  can quickly submit their files, which are then encrypted end-to-end upon upload, transit, and at the destination. 

Quick and Seamless User Adoption

Secure Share customers have two primary options for customer support scenarios: Integrate with your business applications like Zendesk and Salesforce, or run Secure Share in your browser. Regardless of which implementation you choose, both your customer support team and your customers will find sharing encrypted files to be fast and easy.  

Put Time Limits on Data Sharing and Access

Build trust with your customers by giving them control over their own data. Data owners (both customers and support representatives) can grant and revoke access to their files at any time and add security settings like  easy-to-apply expiration dates or watermarks. After the support ticket is resolved, your customer can revoke access if needed. Using the Virtru Control Center, admins can track who has accessed protected data, when, where, and for how long–and can revoke access at any point. 

How We Do It

Secure Share is part of Virtru’s Trusted Data Platform, a holistic suite of data protection products and solutions. Like Virtru’s other encryption offerings, Secure Share is built on the powerful Trusted Data Format (TDF), which protects data on the object level throughout its entire lifecycle.

By protecting each file itself with encryption, we allow the data owner complete control and oversight of their data at a granular level. Virtru protects your, your clients’ and your partners’ data everywhere it flows through your organization: through email, enterprise applications, file sharing solutions, and collaboration tools. 

To learn more about Secure Share, and how Virtru can assist you, visit our Secure Share for Customer Support page