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Send and Receive Encrypted Files: Collaborate With Anyone, Anywhere

Remove Barriers of Digital Collaboration with Virtru Secure Share

Virtru Secure Share is an encrypted file-sharing platform that allows you to share and collect the files you need to expedite your digital workflows.

Ideally suited for situations where sensitive information is being exchanged, Secure Share users retain complete control over their shared data and can revoke access to it at any time. This gives collaborators peace of mind and confidence to share even the most sensitive intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), personal healthcare information (PHI), or other regulated information. 

Quickly Get the Data You Need 

  • Share your personal link anywhere you work so collaborators can deliver files to you. Compatible with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or within video chat. 
  • Automate requests for required files by integrating Secure Share with your ERP, finance, or CRM system.
  • Accept and distribute large files that would not be supported via email.
  • Receive notifications when collaborators access your shared content, as well as when someone shares data with you. 

Build Trust With Secure File Sharing 

  • Leverage end-to-end encryption to protect your data, which ensures no third party can access your files at any time (not even Virtru). 
  • Equip your employees with a seamless method for securely sharing content internally or with external collaborators so that they do not resort to unsecure workarounds
  • Rights holders can grant and revoke access to their sensitive data at any time and manage it with easy-to-apply expiration dates or watermarks on files. 

Want to learn more about Secure Share? Download the data sheet now.