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Virtru Secure Share for Education

Respect the data. Respect the students.

Students and educators face new obstacles every year – it’s part of the gig. But when it comes to protecting students’ data in motion and at rest, educational institutions deserve a reliable file-sharing platform that doesn’t sacrifice workflow for Zero Trust security…or vice versa. Virtru Secure Share is an encrypted file-sharing platform that allows you to share and collect the files you need, without friction.

What Our Clients Use Secure Share For

Updated Vaccination or Other Medical Records

Health centers, nurse’s offices, school districts, and more keep HIPAA and FERPA-protected data secure with Secure Share’s end-to end encryption. Some institutions present their Secure Share link on their website to facilitate easy submissions.

Submitting Financial Aid Documents 

Higher Education Institutions are  included in the FTC’s Safeguards Rule, imparting an obligation to keep student financial aid data secure. Secure Share provides a seamless way for students and institutions to share financial aid  information.  

Collaborating on IEPs and 504s

Individualized Education Programs  (IEPs) or 504 plans, more commonly  circulated in K-12 schools, are ever evolving documents. Secure Share  protects this data through granular access controls. At any point in time, data owners can grant or revoke access to a file, set expiration dates, or track who has accessed it using the Control Center.  


Inbound and Outbound File Sharing: Key Features

One-Click File Sharing

Individuals within an organization can share and receive secure files through a personalized link. By clicking on this link, parents, guardians, teachers, or students can submit files of any size, that are then encrypted end-to end upon upload, transit, and at the destination.

Seamless Adoption for All Collaborators

Secure Share runs out of your browser, so there’s no need to download any software. All your collaborators (students, parents, and teachers) need is your personal link to share files with or access files from you. A streamlined user interface makes it easy for collaborators to adopt. 

Access Controls for All

Data owners can grant and revoke access to their  sensitive data at any time and manage it with easy-to apply expiration dates or watermarks on files. Using the Virtru Control Center, admins can track who has accessed protected data, when, where, and for how long–and can revoke access at any point.


How We Do It

Secure Share is part of Virtru’s Trusted Data Platform, a holistic suite of data protection products and solutions. Like  Virtru’s other encryption offerings, Secure Share is built on the powerful Trusted Data Format (TDF), which protects  data on the object level throughout its entire lifecycle. 

By protecting each file itself with encryption, we allow the data owner complete control and oversight of their data  at a granular level. Virtru protects your students’ data everywhere it flows through your organization: through email,  enterprise applications, file sharing solutions, and collaboration tools.  

To learn more about Secure Share for Education and how Virtru can assist you, visit our Education page