Zero Trust Data Protection Across the Google Ecosystem

Cloud Security Best Practices for Business Leaders

Zero Trust Security Across The Google Ecosystem

There are several facets of Zero Trust data protection that IT and security leaders need to consider in order to protect the data they store and share across the Google ecosystem. To make this level of security a reality, organizations need to select an encryption partner.

Because the Google ecosystem is expansive, organizations need to consider a partner whose capabilities span across Google Workspace and the Google Cloud Platform — giving them a single, holistic framework for protecting their data according to Zero Trust standards. Having a unified data protection framework for Google Cloud helps organizations save money, reduce complexity, and gain speed.

This guide aims to provide context on the layers of Zero Trust data protection that make up a secure cloud strategy across Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and beyond.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to add a layer of security across Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • How business leaders can ensure complete data privacy while leveraging the benefits of the cloud.
  • How to empower employees to use their preferred collaboration tools securely.