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Thank you for sponsoring
Above and Beyond the Cloud!

Central to 'Above and Beyond the Cloud' is our ambition to sustain momentum and foster expansive discussions at the crossroads of Google, Cybersecurity, and the Public Sector. We're grateful for your role in this.

We hope this is just the start and look forward to more moments like these together. Here are some event highlights and pictures to take with you. 

Panel Highlights

Exploring Alternatives for a Safer Cloud Future:
A Conversation with Google's Global Director of Risk and Compliance

  • Google: Jeanette Manfra, Global Director, Risk & Compliance
  • SADA: Mike Laramie, Associate CTO, Security
  • Onix: Jeremiah Jenkins, Director Global Public Sector
  • Moderator: Matt Howard, CMO, Virtru



Main Takeaways

  1. Google's Security Shift: Google is shedding its "ads company" image. Laramie points to security-centric products like Chrome and Android, emphasizing Google's enhanced security layers, including advanced features like SCC and confidential compute. Google's now a major security contender.

  2. Government & The Cloud Challenge: Transitioning to the cloud isn't straightforward for government agencies. Manfra, once "ANTI-cloud" in her government role, highlights the complexities, from data security concerns to organizational upheavals. Yet, the tilt towards Software as a Service (SaaS) and its benefits – flexibility, speed, cost savings – is clear. A need for cohesive internal communication emerges as vital.

  3. Zero Trust & AI's Security Role: Laramie revisits the Jericho Forum's focus on de-perimeterization, a precursor to the zero-trust model. The conversation shifts to AI's growing impact on security. As Google harnesses advanced AI for security, Jenkins stresses its role in bolstering defenses, especially for resource-limited organizations.

Strategic Innovation and Collaboration via Google Cloud:
A State Perspective

  • Stefanos Ghebrehawariat, Former Assistant Cabinet Secretary, Maryland Department of Information Technology
  • SADA: Mike Kulinski, Director of Business Development
  • Virtru: John Ackerly, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Moderator: Dr. Carrick Longley, SVP Global Public Sector, Virtru



Main Takeaways

  1. Google's Dominance in Cloud Security: The discussion heavily emphasized Google's robust cloud capabilities, especially in security. They have a proven track record against Zero Day attacks and provide extensibility to cater to varying regulatory and privacy requirements. Their approach not only competes but surpasses competitors like Microsoft and Amazon, showcasing a more forward-thinking infrastructure, particularly in policy application and label-based data control.
  2. The Importance of Change Management and User Experience: A recurring theme throughout the conversation was the critical role of change management in technology adoption, especially in the public sector. Beyond mere technical solutions, the user experience remains paramount. Training tailored to specific agency use-cases and addressing the varied tech-proficiency levels of end-users is essential.

  3. Anticipating Google's Future Impact in the Public Sector: There's palpable excitement about Google's potential in the public sector, both at the state and federal levels. The focus isn't only on Google's technological capabilities but also on its commitment to open standards and collaboration. The vision of a single, or a few, government clouds and the rise of zero-trust models suggests a disruptive shift.