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Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru

Data Classification and Persistent Protection and Control

Identify, classify, and protect emails and files with context-driven security and control policies that govern access throughout the data lifecycle.


Flexible Protection for Your Most Valuable Data

Encryption technologies are a valuable addition to any data security toolkit, since they add a crucial layer of protection for your most sensitive data. But the added security comes at a cost – sharing encrypted files with internal and/or external contacts can be a frustrating experience. Important business processes can slow down to a halt if people can’t easily access the files, sometimes forcing employees to bypass security measures just to get the job done. Many solutions struggle to find the right balance between unrestricted ease-of-use for end users, and fully locked down data security.

Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru combines data classification and encryption into a single solution to facilitate secure collaboration that works the way users do – across platforms and devices whether on premise, in the cloud or within hybrid environments, ensuring easy adoption and use of data protection programs while offering an increased return on investment.

Combining Classification and Encryption with Ease of Use to Ensure Compliance


Classify sensitive information regulated by HIPAA, GDPR, CJIS, ITAR, GLBA, and other regulations, and keep it protected everywhere it’s shared to maintain compliance.

Intellectual Property Protection

Identify, protect, and securely share intellectual property, trade secrets, and other proprietary information with partners, contractors, and customers.

Ease of Use

Replace complex alternatives with a seamless solution that works the way users do – across platforms and devices, whether on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Identify, Classify, and Protect Sensitive Data, and Maintain Control Everywhere It’s Shared

Enforce Flexible Security Policies with Titus Classification

Identify sensitive data and enforce automatic, admin-defined security policy standards, combined with user-driven classification.

Trigger the appropriate Virtru protections and controls to ensure private, compliant data throughout the data lifecycle.

Alert users to take acton or automatically apply the right TITUS classification policies and Virtru data protection settings.


Maintain Visibility and Control of Classified Data

Easily view who has accessed your data inside and outside of the organization with granular audit trails.

All protection, access, and administrative activity is logged and available for export and integration with your SIEM for regulatory due diligence and forensic analysis.

Apply Virtru Protection and Control to Classified Data

Define Titus email and file classifications for various sensitive data types shared inside and outside your organization.

Set policies to detect sensitive data, leverage the appropriate classification category, and enforce Virtru’s end-to-end encryption and controls, including automatic expiration disable forwarding, attachment watermarking.

Revoke access immediately or modify access controls as the context of the data changes throughout its lifecycle.


Seamless Sender and Recipient User Experience

Senders simply click a button to enforce classification-driven security policies for on-demand protection and controls

Authorized recipients seamlessly access protected content by authenticating with their existing credentials. No new accounts, passwords, or software is required.

More than 20,000 organizations trust Virtru for data security and privacy protection.


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