Virtru and TITUS

Data Classification, Encryption, and Access Control

Identify, classify, and protect emails and files with context-driven security policies.

Demonstrate Compliance

Classify and protect regulated information governed by GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CJIS, EAR, and other compliance requirements.

Protect Intellectual Property

Identify and securely share IP and proprietary information with partners, contractors, and customers.

Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Replace hard-to-use, time-consuming methods for classifying, protecting, and sharing sensitive information.

Classify Data Based on Flexible Security Policies

Identify sensitive data using automatic or user-driven classification from TITUS.

Trigger the right Virtru security policies to ensure appropriate data handling and protection.

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Identify Sensitive Information to Avoid Email and File Leakage

Automatically detect sensitive data within existing Outlook, Gmail, and other workflows.

Alert users to take acton or automatically apply the right TITUS classification policies and Virtru data protection settings.

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Apply Virtru Data Protection to TITUS-Classified Data

Set policies to detect and enforce Virtru security and access control settings based on TITUS email and file classifications.

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Control Access to Emails and Files Wherever They Travel

Revoke, expire, and track forwarding for sensitive information, even after its been shared and read.

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Share with Anyone – Seamless User Experience Across Platforms

Authorized recipients can access protected content without creating new accounts or downloading software.

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