Automatically Protect Help Desk Data in ServiceNow and Atlassian

Safeguard your organization’s sensitive IT data, including user credentials, security information, and more, with ServiceNow and Atlassian data encryption. Protect your IT team’s workflows with data protection from Virtru.

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Easily secure sensitive IT data flowing through ServiceNow, Atlassian, and other IT systems.

Security and IT teams leverage SaaS apps like ServiceNow and Atlassian to manage important service requests. Often, these systems house vital information, including user credentials, administrative details and security information.

IT teams need to move quickly throughout these systems, as well as secure the sensitive data that they’re trusted to manage. These teams need a simple solution to automatically protect the sensitive data that flows in and out of core Help Desk applications, so they can focus on resolving tickets, deploying software, and maintaining productivity across your organization.

Atlassian and ServiceNow Encryption with Virtru

Use Virtru to protect the flow of sensitive Help Desk data traveling in and out of your cloud-based platforms.

Atlassian Encryption and ServiceNow Encryption via Email Workflows with Virtru

Virtru Encryption for Email Workflows

Eliminate friction and improve service by protecting sensitive emails and data flowing in and out of Atlassian and ServiceNow.

Data Protection Built for Speed and Scale

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Deliver Better Experiences with Less Friction

Virtru improves employee communication workflows by making it remarkably easy for IT teams to exchange sensitive data with their internal customers via Atlassian and ServiceNow.

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Collaborate Without Slowing Down

Security shouldn’t inhibit data sharing. Instead, security should free up your teams to share information with greater confidence. Virtru automates security for critical data flows, reducing manual data entry and reducing the risk of human error.

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Improve Security of Employee Data

Virtru automatically secures sensitive data, helping your organization build trust and prevent a costly data breach. As cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities continue to escalate, it’s vital to ensure that sensitive company data is always protected.

Safeguard the Full Scope of IT Help Desk Data


IT and security teams manage a high volume of sensitive data, day in and day out. Give your teams the tools they need to manage this information seamlessly, without introducing hurdles or complexity.

  • Encrypt Passwords and User Credentials: Whether it’s a password reset or granting access to a new application, ensure you’re encrypting and properly protecting user data.
  • Prevent a Data Breach: Far too often, data breaches are a direct result of human error. Implement automated data protection that detects sensitive information and automatically encrypts it, reducing the likelihood of data leaks.
  • Protect Highly Sensitive Security Communications: Safeguard communications between teams managing high-stakes enterprise security protocols.

Customized Data Protection to Support Your IT Workflows

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Outbound Encryption

Outbound Encryption protects emails and files before they leave your domain to ensure communications stay compliant, private, and secure.

Inbound Decryption

Inbound Decryption enables plaintext scanning by an app or MTA before it enters your domain for anti-malware, anti-spam, and compliance.

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Outbound Decryption and Archiving

Outbound Decryption and Archiving allow emails to be copied and sent to archives to support eDiscovery and audit reporting processes.

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Inbound Encryption

Inbound Encryption secures PII and PHI within incoming messages sent from patients, clients, and partners to support compliance.

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Outbound Data Loss Prevention

Outbound Data Loss Prevention determines what messages get auto-encrypted based on security policies, what can pass without requiring encryption, and what warns (or logs) a potential issue.

Threading Support

Virtru supports threading by attributes in the subject line and Message-ID or references in the email headers by carrying these through encryption processes and ensuring those communications are associated with the same case/ticket/instance.


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