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How FLEX Secures Sensitive Credit Union Data Across Expanding Teams

FLEX Credit Union Technology
“I can manage the system at such a detailed level... From users to emails to attachments, it just makes it really easy.”

Mike Marshall

Senior Linux Administrator / Team Lead

FLEX Credit Union Technology provides core software solutions for over 250 credit unions, offering a range of services including online and mobile banking, lending with eSignatures, automated decisioning, and ACH processing. Their system also includes features like check-21, share drafts, and document management. Focused on ease of use and security, FLEX ensures that credit union members can bank safely and conveniently from anywhere.

As the provider enabling this digital transformation for credit unions, FLEX makes security its top priority while fostering collaboration across distributed teams. So when they needed to find a secure email solution, they chose Virtru. 

With Virtru, FLEX  was able to:
  • Easily roll out Gmail encryption to a growing, distributed workforce through an intuitive user experience
  • Maintain control over sensitive communications via Virtru’s robust admin capabilities
  • Stregnthen financial services compliance obligations (SOC and PCI) with oversight on encrypted data flows

Mike Marshall Leads the Charge

Mike Marshall is an IT leader with about 30 years of experience optimizing financial technology. “My team of three manages all of the back end support for systems such as email, PBX and development. Basically if it's being done here, we're taking care of it which includes all it. All the development environments, all the applications that we use, application servers,” Marshall explains.

With more partnerships and integration projects launching regularly, Marshall knew he needed to lock down Gmail-driven data flows. Customer-owned financial transaction histories, account information, system credentials – this highly sensitive information traverses FLEX daily.

Virtru: Intuitive for Users

With a growing user base to equip with encryption, FLEX needed a solution that was intuitive even for non-technical employees. Virtru fit the bill perfectly.

"Deployment is the key, when you're deploying to 80 to 100 people, you don't want to have to sit there and pick and pick apart and have to help each person. So if you have an intuitive system that can guide them through, and boom they're done — Virtru does that," recalls Marshall.

The automated user prompts and handy browser extension enabled a smooth rollout to FLEX's distributed workforce. For end users sending sensitive data daily, Virtru made protection seamless and frictionless.

“It was probably one of the simpler deployments I've ever done,” explained Marshall. “I set up the account and then Virtru handles the deployment Itself by sending out an invitation and giving the user access to a guide, and how to set up the plug-in, and everything. It was really simple on my end.”

Visibility for Leaders

While the end user experience stayed simple, leaders like Marshall gained granular visibility and oversight through Virtru's robust admin capabilities.

“The management interface is easy, going through and working administratively through it. I can go check people's emails and see why there’s an issue. There's a lot of visibility there. And the fact that Virtru runs off of a Chrome plug-in just is great too,” said Marshall. 

Whether it's new account credentials for customers or transaction reports with partners, Virtru allows Marshall to track flows to meet financial sector regulations like PCI or SOC audits.

With full auditing and monitoring, Marshall can govern usage, fine-tune policies, terminate access when needed, and demonstrate compliance.  “I can manage the system at such a detailed level... From users to emails to attachments, it just makes it really easy,” he explained.  

The Results: Confidence in Data Protection

With Virtru providing ubiquitous encryption plus accountability, FLEX and the credit unions they serve stay steps ahead of threats in an evolving digital finance landscape. Partners connect seamlessly, audits go smoothly, customer-owned data remains protected.

"I would definitely suggest Virtru for anybody over some of the others that I was looking at," Marshall confirms.