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Why Virtru?

Why Use Virtru to Protect Your Data?

Ease of use. Seamless integration with your existing business apps and workflows. World-class support. Military-grade encryption and an open standard created by our co-founder at the NSA. There are many reasons to choose Virtru. Here are just a few.

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What Makes Virtru the Best Encryption Software?

Whether you're a global enterprise or a small business owner, Virtru provides powerful, military-grade encryption at an affordable price. 

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Data-Centric Security Made Easy (Really!)

Virtru's ease of use is the #1 reason security leaders choose our software. Our encryption and data protection is strong enough to secure classified military and government data, but it's also easy enough for anyone to use.

Don't take it from us: Read our customer stories to hear directly from cyber leaders across dozens of industries. 

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Email and File Encryption for Your Current Apps and Workflows

With Virtru, you don't have to change the way you work. Our email plugins integrate directly with Gmail and Outlook. Virtru Secure Share integrates directly with Confluence, Zendesk, and Google Drive. And our Data Protection Gateway is versatile enough for a wide range of apps, from Salesforce to ServiceNow.  

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Exceptional Customer Relationships

We hear it all the time: Working with Virtru is a great experience, not just because of the product, but because of the people. From our sales and deployment engineers to our Customer Success team's timely, consistent engagement, Virtru is a true partner, not just a vendor. 

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What Makes Virtru Unique?

Put simply, it's secure file sharing and email security with granular access control. Virtru supports the world's strictest data protection requirements, including CMMC, ITAR, and NIST standards.

Zero Trust is built on the premise that you should never trust, and always verify. That means ensuring users confirm that they are who they say they are, across critical points of access. While many organizations have Zero Trust perimeter-centric security, not enough have Zero Trust controls for data sharing that's essential to running a business. That's where Virtru comes in: Zero Trust security that doesn't limit collaboration. 

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We like to say that encryption is easy, but decryption is hard. You can tell the quality of an encryption solution by its recipient experience: How easy — or difficult — is it for recipients to access the data shared with them? With Virtru, recipients don't have to create any new accounts or install any software. You can access data by logging in with your existing credentials.  

Secure Share product UI showing login options.
Control access at the data object level with Virtru, which allows you to grant unique access to files and emails depending on the context and business need. Whether it's a surveillance video file, a background check, a tax form, or a medical record — Virtru wraps each piece of content in a layer of encryption that requires authentication by the recipient.  A person in a military uniform sends a secure message with Virtru in Outlook
Virtru supports thousands of organizations with advanced compliance needs like CMMC 2.0 (defense organizations), ITAR (manufacturers), and CJIS (criminal justice), to name a few. Virtru's military-grade encryption and access control can be paired with the Virtru Private Keystore, which allows customers to host their own private encryption keys in the location of their choosing.  A man works at his laptop. A view of Virtru
A room of data scientists at work. A view of the blue Virtru toggle button says "Protection On" Secure Share product UI showing login options. A person in a military uniform sends a secure message with Virtru in Outlook A man works at his laptop. A view of Virtru

Customer Stories

From research universities to pediatric clinics, to the world's largest banks — here are a few examples of why our customers love working with Virtru.

Protect your data, everywhere it travels


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