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Easily Secure Salesforce and Zendesk Data in Motion.

Build trust, prevent data breaches, and deliver stronger customer experiences: Secure your sensitive CRM workflows with data encryption from Virtru.


Easily secure sensitive customer data flowing in and out of Salesforce and Zendesk service clouds

Salesforce Service Cloud and Zendesk are not only centers of gravity for storing and processing vast amounts of third-party data; but they are also critical hubs for managing customer relationships.

In order to deliver amazing customer service, and simultaneously comply with modern privacy and security regulations, your business needs a simple solution to automatically protect the sovereignty of customer data flowing in and out of your core customer service SaaS applications.

Virtru Encryption for SaaS Applications

Use Virtru to protect the flow of sensitive customer data traveling in and out of your Salesforce Service Cloud.


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Salesforce Service Cloud

zendesk zendesk-white


Virtru encryption for email workflows

Eliminate friction and improve service by protecting sensitive customer emails and data flowing in and out of Virtru encryption for email workflows.

Gateway Diagram SF Email
Gateway Diagram SF Direct-Recovered

Virtru end-to-end encryption for native workflows

Automatically protect sensitive customer information (files and text) by integrating data policy controls directly into your Salesforce Service Cloud.

Gateway Diagram ZD Email

Virtru encryption for email workflows

Eliminate friction and improve service by protecting sensitive customer emails and data flowing in and out of Virtru encryption for email workflows.

Data Protection Built for Speed and Scale

Deliver Better Service with Less Friction

Virtru improves customer support workflows by making it remarkably easy for service representatives to exchange sensitive data with customers via Salesforce and Zendesk service clouds.

Collaboration that Won’t Slow You Down

Security shouldn’t inhibit data sharing. Instead, security should free up your teams to share information with greater confidence. Virtru automates security for critical data flows, reducing manual data entry and reducing the risk of human error.

Improve Security of Customer Data

Virtru automatically secures sensitive customer data, helping your organization build trust with clients and prevent a costly data breach. As cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities continue to escalate, it’s vital to ensure that your customers’ personal data is always protected.

Automate Compliance with Privacy and Data Regulations

Virtru checks important boxes and makes it easy to comply with data privacy regulations:


Fintech (PCI, SOX, GDPR, GLBA)

Secure financial records and sensitive customer data in one central location. Encrypt loan applications, financial documents, and case details automatically, maintaining compliance.

Healthcare (HIPAA)

Manage patient health records securely, and automatically encrypt private health information from the moment it hits your servers.

Individual Privacy and Confidentiality (PII/PHI, CCPA, GDPR)

Whether you’re managing information under NDA or handling other personally identifiable information about your customers, Virtru adds a layer of security that follows the data throughout its lifecycle.


Elevated Data Security with Virtru Private Keystore

Control where you store the encryption keys for your Data Protection Gateway while Virtru does the heavy lifting of managing your policies and key exchanges. Virtru Private Keystore helps you meet regulatory compliance obligations and ensure data sovereignty, wherever your data is created, stored and shared.

  • Simplify data security while providing a seamless experience for end users

  • Integrated solution for key management means you don’t need to work with multiple vendors to attain the same level of security and control

  • Maintain complete control over keys for a true zero trust architecture

This really increases our level of resiliency, as well as the level of protection for our overall set of corporate data.

Virtru helps us maintain HIPAA compliance within new and existing communication platforms, while providing an incredibly easy experience for our patients. Our Virtru integration with Salesforce supports seamless, secure exchange of PHI without interrupting existing processes.

1517675271156 Steven Schwartzberg, IT Director, Tribeca Pediatrics
Alfonso Razzi, CIO, Toto Holding Group
Steven Schwartzberg, IT Director, Tribeca Pediatrics
Take the next step to safeguard the data in your SaaS workflows.