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Virtru Secure Share for Legal Teams

Documentation is the bread and butter for legal teams–and the legal industry has slowly adapted to sharing these files digitally, but not without a tradeoff. Modern firms face a choice between sharing data securely, or quickly. Whether it’s receiving sensitive information from clients or outwardly sharing data for collaboration, all data must be protected without impeding workflow or legal processes.

Virtru Secure Share is the encrypted file-sharing platform that will allow you and your firm to share and collect the files you need, without friction.

What Our Clients Use Secure Share For

Strengthening Attorney-Client Privilege

Virtru Secure Share, one of our many user-friendly encrypted file sharing tools, allows legal clients to securely share their sensitive information all within a web browser. All you have to do is send a unique Secure Share intake link, and your client’s uploaded files will be protected every step of the way–encrypted client-side upon upload, encrypted in transit, and encrypted at rest.

Seamlessly Sharing Files with Collaborators

Legal advocacy is a team effort, and secure collaboration shouldn’t come at the expense of a coherent workflow. Granular access controls allow attorneys, paralegals, and liaisons to keep a watchful eye on who sees data and when, and allows them to prohibit access to files from anyone not explicitly authorized.

Helps Meet Compliance Across Various Law Focuses

Virtru Secure Share allows our clients to remain in compliance by wrapping data with 256 bit AES encryption in tandem with FIPS 140-2 certification. These protections help clients inch closer to compliance for CJIS, TILA-RESPA, HIPAA, GBLA, CMMC, and more.

Inbound and Outbound File Sharing: Key Features

One-Click File Sharing

Individuals within an organization can share and receive secure files through a personalized link. By clicking on this link, clients can submit files of any size, that are then encrypted end-to-end upon upload, transit, and at the destination.

Seamless Adoption for All Collaborators

Secure Share runs out of your browser, so there’s no need to download any software. All your collaborators (students, parents, and teachers) need is your personal link to share files with or access files from you. A streamlined user interface makes it easy for collaborators to adopt.

Access Controls for All 

Data owners can grant and revoke access to their sensitive data at any time and manage it with easy-to-apply expiration dates or watermarks on files. Using the Virtru Control Center, admins can track who has accessed protected data, when, where, and for how long–and can revoke access at any point.

How We Do It

Secure Share is part of the Virtru Data Security Platform, a holistic suite of data protection products and solutions. Like Virtru’s other encryption offerings, Secure Share is built on the powerful Trusted Data Format (TDF), which protects data on the object level throughout its entire lifecycle.

By protecting each file itself with encryption, we allow the data owner complete control and oversight of their data at a granular level. Virtru protects citizen data everywhere it flows through your organization: through email, enterprise applications, file sharing solutions, and collaboration tools.