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4 Ways a Secure Email Provider Beats a Portal


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    The biggest challenge in security isn’t strengthening your safeguards — it’s eliminating the gaps in them. If your email security depends on a portal, anything you send will be potentially vulnerable to hackers, cyber criminals and insider threat actors. At the same time, switching to a secure email provider can be disruptive — and near impossible for larger businesses. Luckily, there’s an easier way. Virtru works within existing email systems for simple yet powerful security, without disrupting your team’s workflow.

    1. You Can Use Virtru with Your Existing Email Account

    A portal requires an entirely separate account. This complicates workflow, requiring users to switch accounts when security is essential. In an ongoing project or a complex client relationship, this can make it much harder to keep track of relevant messages and data, and cause version control problems as documents are shifted back and forth.

    As an encrypted email provider, Virtru simplifies workflow by eliminating the need for a secure portal. Our AES 256-bit encryption works with your existing email accounts to protect your messages, allowing you to keep all your communications in one place.

    2. Virtru Requires Little Training and No New Login Credentials

    Portals require installation, and often have clunky interfaces that are difficult to use. You’ll also have to use a different set of login credentials, which means one more ID and password to keep track of, and not just for you but for your recipients as well.

    Because Virtru Encryption as a Service uses your email account to authenticate your identity, it requires no separate login credentials. It installs quickly as a browser plugin, and is easy to use (encryption requires just a single click). This gives it a substantial edge over portals, as well as other encrypted email providers.

    3. Your Recipient Can Use Virtru Without Installing Any Software

    You can’t use a portal to communicate until your recipient sets up an account on your portal system. Sometimes, portals even require certain pieces of software to be installed in addition to registering an account. This can impose delays if a client or partner:

    • Is reluctant to install new software
    • Runs into bugs or installation issues
    • Doesn’t have time to learn how to use the portal
    • Needs to get department permission to install a new app.

    Virtru allows recipients to respond securely and quickly — even if they use a different secure email provider. Recipients without Virtru receive an email, instructing them to click through to our Secure Reader. Once there, they can send encrypted emails and attachments without installing anything. That means they can encrypt and send sensitive information in about the time it would take to compose an unencrypted email.

    4. Unlike a Portal, Your Clients Will Actually Use Your Secure Encrypted Email

    Across industries, secure portal adoption rates are dismal, and it’s not for lack of trying. Even In healthcare, where HITECH compliance meaningful use requires providers to use encrypted technologies to share electronic data, 66% of hospitals couldn’t get a single patient to use their portal. In other industries that don’t face the same regulatory pressure to digitize data, things are even worse.

    Virtru understands that encryption only works when people use it, and people will only use it when it’s convenient. Because our encryption program lets your clients respond to messages without installing a program, creating an account or learning an interface, you’ll be able to get them to actually use it.

    Secure Email and File Encryption Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

    Encryption only works when people can use it. Virtru combines the data-centric security your organization needs, with the easy-to-use interface your users demand. Learn more about how we can help:

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