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Confluence Confidential: Announcing Virtru Secure Share for Confluence


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    If you work in software development or IT, chances are high that Atlassian's tools like Confluence and Jira are a daily part of your life. Whether you're building out project plans or powering through tickets, a lot of your daily work probably happens in Confluence. 

    But, what happens when sensitive information needs to be documented in those project plans — things like API tokens, credentials, passwords, product plans, or proprietary company information? Historically, you might omit sensitive information from Confluence and manage it somewhere else — or, you might include it on a Confluence page and hope it isn't accessed by anyone without a need to know. Neither of those options is ideal.

    Now, you don't have to choose between security and efficiency: Virtru Secure Share is now available as a direct integration inside of Confluence. You can now purchase Secure Share in the Atlassian Marketplace and roll it out to your teams right away.   

    Easy Confluence Encryption: How Virtru Secure Share Works

    Virtru Secure Share makes it easy to select any sensitive information on a Confluence page, and protect it with Virtru's powerful, military-grade encryption. You can choose which individuals should have access to that encrypted information, with the ability to add or revoke access at any time you choose. That information remains available right within the Confluence page, so users don't have to navigate away from their workflows. Those without access to the protected information will just see a gray block in place of the secure content.  

    Here's a video that shows exactly how Virtru Secure Share for Confluence works: 

    Why Use Virtru Secure Share for Confluence? 

    Confluence is a great collaboration app because it brings teams together across functions and levels of an organization. You can also bring in contractors to collaborate on ongoing projects. However, it can be hard to govern data access inside of the application: If an individual is given access to a Page on Confluence, they automatically have access to all pages within that Space, regardless of what those pages contain. 

    That's where Virtru Secure Share comes in: With Virtru Secure Share, you don't have to worry about a large group of people who have access to the Confluence pages within a space. You can directly encrypt the sensitive information on the page wherever it appears, and that information will only be accessible to the individuals you have granted permissions to. 

    5 Key Features of Virtru Secure Share for Confluence

    1. Encrypt Text Inline on a Confluence Page 

    If you want to protect confidential Confluence data, you don't have to leave Confluence to do it — and you don't have to duplicate content across pages or spaces. Virtru Secure Share lets you encrypt information inline, keeping everything together for a single source of truth. 

    2. Restrict Confluence Content to Specific People

    With Virtru Secure Share, you can decide exactly which individuals should be able to access encrypted content — and if things change, you can adjust or revoke access parameters any time you choose. 

    3. You Don't Have to Give Away the Keys to the Kingdom

    Access to a Confluence page grants access to the space where it resides. This could create risks of data exfiltration if you're not careful with what your team chooses to document in Confluence. Virtru Secure Share allows you to use Spaces and Pages freely with the confidence that sensitive information can be included, and protected, where it needs to be shared. 

    4. Create Visibility for Stakeholders

    With inline encryption, organizations might feel more comfortable welcoming more employees into their Confluence spaces, creating transparency and visibility into project status and progress. This can build internal confidence and ensure everyone is on the same page, without exposing anything sensitive. 

    5. Make Confluence the Single Source of Truth

    At the end of the day, you want to increase productivity and efficiency for your teams, while also helping them stay secure. By encrypting sensitive data inside of Confluence, you can keep teams working in the tools they're already using every day, without directing them to an external app or location. This keeps teams focused. 

    The Best Confluence Encryption Solution

    Virtru has several products, and the common theme is that they are easy and intuitive to use. Virtru Secure Share for Confluence is no different: It delivers a frictionless experience while packing a punch with powerful security, all inside of Confluence. 

    You can buy Virtru Secure Share for Confluence in the Atlassian Marketplace right now. If you're interested in learning more about Secure Share for Confluence, or are curious about Virtru's portfolio of data-centric security products, book a demo with our team today. We'd love to show you what's possible.  

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    Megan Leader

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