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Virtru Launches Software Development Kit, Enables Any Software or Cloud Provider to Easily Enable End-to-End Encryption

When Every Data Transfer Is a Potential Data Leak, Virtru Makes It Easy for Others to Leverage Its Encryption-as-a-Service Architecture for Content Protection


June 28, 2016 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
WASHINGTON–(Marketwired)– Virtru, a trusted provider of encryption for email and files to thousands of organizations around the world, today announced the launch of its Software Development Kit (SDK). Using the Virtru SDK and leveraging the Virtru Encryption-as-a-Service (EaaS) architecture, independent software vendors (ISVs) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers can now offer the same end-to-end encryption that Virtru offers on platforms like Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook.

While mega breaches generated most of the headlines in 2014-2015, hackers are increasingly focusing on small-to-medium (SMB) sized businesses, third-party software vendors, and cloud service providers. As a result, Virtru is seeing strong demand by ISVs and SaaS providers to integrate end-to-end encryption into their offerings. Virtru believes this trend will accelerate in 2016 and beyond as organizations continue to struggle with the volume and sophistication of data breaches, expanded regulatory pressures, and growing public concern for digital privacy.

The Virtru SDK provides lightweight, client libraries that enable end-to-end encryption to be seamlessly integrated with any application in a matter of days. The Virtru SDK leverages the Virtru EaaS platform, which provides key management, access control, and identity management. Together, the SDK and EaaS represent a new approach to data security that meets the four key requirements of the modern, cloud-based enterprise: end-to-end encryption; content, cloud and application agnostic; federated identity and encryption key management; and standards based. Virtru also recently announced support for hardware-backed encryption keys, giving customers the ability to choose the physical location of their keys.

“Our mission at Virtru is to make encryption so easy that everyone can protect their most sensitive information,” said Will Ackerly, Co-Founder and CTO of Virtru. “From the beginning, we designed our EaaS architecture to make it easy to embed end-to-end encryption capabilities into existing applications. With the launch of our SDK, we’re making it even easier for ISVs and SaaS providers to protect their customers’ most sensitive data.”

Two leading ISVs are already using the Virtru SDK to provide encryption to their customers. AODocs, a leader in file and document management for Google Apps has partnered with Virtru to enable Google Drive encrypted documents. Alt-N Technologies, a provider of affordable messaging solutions and software designed for SMBs integrates Virtru’s end-to-end email encryption solution directly into the Alt-N email platform.

“Most enterprise customers across industries consider that encryption is a critical item in their document management requirements,” said Stéphane Donzé, Chief Executive Office at AODocs. “Virtru was easy to integrate, works seamlessly with our document management repositories, and allows customers to manage their own encryption keys — giving them security, control, and convenience.”

To learn more about end-to-end data protection with Virtru EaaS, visit: www.virtru.com/technology.

About Virtru

In an era where every data transfer is a potential data leak, Virtru makes it possible for everyone to protect their content by offering easy and affordable email and file encryption. From individuals to large enterprises, Virtru lets people control who receives, reviews, and retains their information — wherever it travels, throughout its lifespan. Based on the open Trusted Data Format (TDF) created by Virtru Co-Founder Will Ackerly, the company’s Encryption-as-a-Service (EaaS) architecture, integrates powerful data security directly into the applications we use every day. Learn more at www.virtru.com or follow @virtruprivacy on Twitter.