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Virtru Recognized by Google as a Recommended for G Suite Application for Encryption

G Suite Users to Benefit from Virtru’s Data-Centric Approach to Business Privacy and Security — Ensuring Data is Protected Wherever It Travels


December 06, 2016 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
WASHINGTON–(Marketwired)– Virtru, a trusted provider of privacy and data security for thousands of organizations around the world, today announced it is now part of the Google Recommended for G Suite program as a provider of the control of data stored and shared in the cloud. Google will recommend Virtru to its customers and on the G Suite Marketplace, as part of the Recommended for G Suite program.

While the enormous collaboration, cost and scalability benefits of the cloud are widely understood, concerns over security and data privacy remain the single biggest barrier to adoption. Virtru’s integration with G Suite provides additional functionality to organizations seeking exclusive control of their data for both data privacy and regulatory compliance — both when stored with Google and, importantly, when this data is shared with third parties.

Virtru integrates strong encryption, access control, and data loss prevention directly with G Suite to make it easy for end-users and administrators to protect their most sensitive data no matter where it travels. This convenience and seamless user experience is extended to company administrators who can easily audit, control forwarding and recall email and files shared both internally and externally — ensuring that their organization’s data is always protected. Virtru makes it easy for recipients of secure content, does not require that both sender and receiver be on G Suite, and does not require new accounts or passwords.

Virtru’s flexible architecture gives customers control over what data is protected, how it’s secured, and who has access. Encryption keys can be hosted through a SaaS offering or through a complete zero knowledge key server hosted in a single tenant cloud or on customer premises. Regardless of which option they choose, Virtru customers maintain exclusive management of keys — and can change access privileges at any time. Data protection and encryption can be enforced on end-user devices, on the network, or in both places to ensure complete coverage.

“Virtru’s philosophy is that effective privacy and security tools are powerful, flexible, and easy to use,” said John Ackerly, CEO of Virtru. “Aligned on our commitment to security, Google and Virtru are easing the way for organizations to move to the cloud — securely and confidently.”

More than 4,500 organizations in healthcare, financial services, media, entertainment, government, and manufacturing industries turn to Virtru for enhanced security and control of their most sensitive data and to meet regulatory requirements easily and affordably. To learn more, visit www.virtru.com/gsuite.

About Virtru
At Virtru, we believe that personal privacy depends on the businesses, governments, and institutions that hold our information. Virtru products make it easy for businesses and individuals to maintain control over access to their emails, documents, and other data — regardless of where they’ve been shared. Learn more at www.virtru.com or follow @virtruprivacy on Twitter.