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Advanced File Upload Control for Secure Sharing

Virtru Product Marketing
By Virtru Product Marketing | October 27, 2023

Empower your organization with even greater control and customization over your data with advanced file control features for Virtru Secure Share.

Virtru Secure Share allows you to dictate the maximum number of files allowed in a single message, set restrictions on individual file sizes, and even decide which file types are permitted for upload. Tailor how your organization shares sensitive information and secure your data - your way.

Control File Quantity

Have precise control over the number of files that can be uploaded per message. Whether you aim to streamline collaboration or reduce data clutter, you can set and enforce the exact limits on the number of files within your environment.

Control File Size

Define the maximum allowable size for each uploaded file. This level of granular control ensures that even large files conform to your security standards.

Control File Type

Specify exactly which file types are allowed for upload. Whether it's critical documents, essential spreadsheets, or specific multimedia formats, you can ensure that only authorized file types make their way into your secure environment.

These security features are available for all Virtru Secure Share customers, however, administrators must contact the Virtru Support Center to gain access to this functionality.

Visit our Virtru Secure Share page to learn more about how Secure Share makes it easier to exchange sensitive information with anyone. 

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