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Virtru Data Protection for Gmail

Data-centric protections and secure sharing workflows to ensure privacy and compliance.

Keep Gmail Messages and Attachments Protected Throughout Their Full Lifecycle

Virtru helps you easily protect data created in Gmail with persistent control wherever it's shared. Admins can easily enable Virtru for users with group policies and manage Chrome installs. Virtru integrates seamlessly with the native Gmail user experience. Senders can easily protect Gmail messages and attachments with end-to-end, client-side encryption powered by the trusted data format Open Standard to ensure privacy.

Disable forwarding, expiration, watermarking, and persistent protection for attachments give senders granular access controls.

Admins can add DLP rules that scan content and automatically apply encryption and access controls or proactively warn users, helping reinforce security awareness. Recipient access is secure and seamless. Recipients with Virtru can view the protected email transparently.

In this example, the attachment is watermarked with the recipient's email, making it easy to trace back to the recipient, which helps stop data leaks. Forwarded recipients cannot access the message and attachment since this example used disable forwarding. If a recipient doesn't have Virtru, they can access protected email via the secure reader without having to install new software.

By using Federated Identities, recipients authenticate themselves seamlessly for secure access without creating new accounts. Verification code support authentication when Federated Identities aren't available. The Virtru secure reader makes it easy for the recipient to send encrypted responses and attachments. The recipients access expires after the sender's expiration date has passed. Senders can change expiration date at any time or revoke access immediately.

An open standard for object-level encryption that keeps data protected and under the data owner’s control, wherever it’s created or shared.

If persistent file protection was applied, recipients always access the attachment via secure reader. A protective TDF HTML wrapper lets the recipient download the attachment from the email, then store it on their desktop, network drive, or anywhere else files are stored. The sender maintains ownership of the attachments, and access controls persist wherever the file is shared. If access was revoked, the recipient is no longer authorized to view the file and must request access from the owner to view it again.

With these data-centric protections and secure sharing workflows, Virtru helps organizations protect Gmail messages and attachments wherever they're shared.

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