5 Ways Your Portal-Based Email Encryption Is Failing You


Brett Dorr 

Director of Solutions Engineering


Ken Kurz

CIO & VP of Information Technology


What You’ll Learn

  • The high-level requirements of the cloud-centric, collaborative, and on-demand modern enterprise.
  • How to deploy end-to-end encryption to shield secure content without disrupting end users.
  • How to eliminate user friction and ensure your recipients get your messages every time.
  • How to maximize privacy and compliance with the flexibility of hosting your own encryption keys.

About This Webinar:

Portal-based email protection solutions leave your enterprise exposed to data leaks, third-party access, and human error — while offering a painful user experience that thwarts adoption and leaves you vulnerable. And they lack the audit and control that security leaders require to keep pace with the modern enterprise environment and evolving threat vectors.

With so many organizations dealing with the failures of portal encryption, it’s no wonder that email remains the #1 source of corporate data leaks.  Security conscious organizations must adapt their security approach or risk the consequences of regulatory fines, intellectual property loss, or brand damaging data leaks.

View this on-demand webinar to learn from featured guest speaker Ken Kurz, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology at COPT, and understand how he overcame the challenges of legacy, portal-based approaches and implemented Virtru to achieve true email protection.