Keep Data Protected, Wherever It’s Shared

Maintain control over email and files with persistent visibility, even as they’re shared into unknown environments.

Central Management

Apply organization-wide controls to protect sensitive data, and see where data has traveled from a central dashboard.

Enhanced Control

Revoke or expire access to email, disable forwarding and automatically watermark confidential attachments.

Data Loss Prevention

Set rules to detect sensitive information and automatically enforce encryption rules.

Granular Insight

Support audit reporting and enable forensic analysis and threat response.

For End Users

Access Control and Visibility

Maintain Granular Control

Maintain ability to instantly revoke access, set access expiration and disable forwarding, no matter where protected data has been shared. Watermarked files also make it easy to trace the source of a data leak

Audit Access and Sharing Activity

See where all email and files have been forwarded and shared, throughout the data lifecycle. If needed, adapt controls to selectively revoke access or disable forwarding for specific recipients and collaborators, or revoke all.

For Admins

Centralized Management for Enhanced Control and Visibility

Apply Organization-Wide Controls

Instantly revoke access to any Virtru-protected data, adapt access controls as data is shared and its context changes, and automatically enforce access controls with Data Loss Prevention rules. Filter by user, group, OU, or data range to adapt access controls for a broad set of data at once, and re-enable access when data has become less sensitive.

Audit Who Can See Your Organization’s Content

Maintain granular visibility over all of your organization’s data as it’s shared across platforms and disparate environments and support audit reporting for HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA and other regulatory compliance. Virtru integrates with your SIEM to improve threat remediation workflows and gives you the option to host your own keys for absolute control, preventing unauthorized access.

“We like the control features. For example, being able to revoke a message, and have an audit trail, really sets Virtru apart.”

Dave Steck, VP of IT Infrastructure, Schnucks Market

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