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How to Make the Most Out of Google Cloud Next 2022


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    “Today, meet tomorrow.”

    Continuing its inventive global learning conference, Google Cloud Next 2022 marks the return of Google Cloud’s flagship event. As a Signature Sponsor and leading Google data-centric security solution, Virtru’s here to give you a rundown of the event: what you can expect, and ways that you can get the most out of your free registration. (Haven't registered yet? No problem — you still have time!) 

    What and Where is Google Cloud Next 2022? 

    The purpose of Google Cloud Next is to gather over 1 million business innovators to share valuable insights and solutions for tomorrow’s obstacles. Whether you’re a data engineer, app developer or HR professional, you’re guaranteed to get something out of Google Cloud Next. You can expect to hear from big players in tech and business in keynote speeches, connect with developers or other peers in your industry cohort, and refine your skills by choosing your own curriculum of live and on-demand courses led by industry dignitaries. 

    Where is GCN? In short, it’s everywhere. Google Cloud Next 2022 is a digital event, so regardless of where you live, you can still participate. The event is broadcasted out of five locations globally, so no matter where you live, you can still attend the live events you want within the 24 hour period. 

    Who Should Go to GCN22?

    Well, everyone can benefit and learn something new from attending Google Cloud Next–especially since it’s completely free and can be accessed by anyone with a computer, internet connection, and Google account. However, the courses are specifically designed to pique interest or enrich your knowledge of app development, data science and engineering, system architecture, low or no code development, cybersecurity, AI, analytics, thought leadership, collaboration, DE&I, and of course, Google Cloud. 

    Anyone who works deeply in the Google Cloud Platform, or desires to know more about these topics, should go to Google Cloud Next. There’s really nothing to lose. 

    Keynote Speakers

    Google’s high-profile list of speakers will host interactive Q&A sessions, on-demand webinars, live Google Cloud product demos, and revelations about key trends in cloud computing. Major speakers include the leaders and engineers of Google Cloud itself.

    • Thomas Kurian - CEO, Google Cloud
    • Melonie Parker - Chief Diversity Officer & Employee Engagement, Google
    • Gerrit Kazmaier - VP & GM, Data & Analytics, Google Cloud
    • Stephanie Wong - Developer Advocate, Google Cloud
    • Sunil Potti - VP & GM, Cloud Security, Google Cloud
    • Jeanette Manfra - Senior Director, Risk and Compliance, Google Cloud
    • Andrew Moore - VP & GM, Cloud AI and Industry Solutions, Google Cloud
    • Priyanka Vergadia - Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud
    • Jen Bennet - Technical Director, Sustainability, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud

    Google also features top innovating partners and customers, who are at the forefront of tech and security solutions in the Cloud. They’ll be hosting valuable breakout sessions zoning in on how they leverage Google Cloud to innovate. The star-studded lineup includes luminaries from organizations leading the charge in their respective industries, like: 

    • Shopify 
    • STARZ
    • Wayfair
    • Ford
    • Uber
    • Credit Karma
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Charles Schwab
    • Origin Energy
    • KPMG
    • GitLab
    • Omada Health
    • SADA
    • Virtru

    See all of the keynote speakers here

    Here are Some Underrated Ways You Can Make the Most of GCN22:

    • Don’t Miss the Keynotes

    It’s easy to snooze at the mention of “keynote speakers,” but at GCN, it’s the real deal. This year, Google Cloud is live broadcasting its keynotes “following the sun,” meaning that keynotes will broadcast live across New York, Sunnyvale, Tokyo, Bengaluru, and Munich to adapt to timezones across the globe. 

    More than that, the keynotes will pack a punch, as they do every year. Google is slated to unveil their “Top 10 Cloud Technology Predictions” – a list of AI, data analytics, and cloud infrastructure premonitions that GCP believes will come to fruition by 2025. 

    • Explore Google’s Playlist Function

    Once you register, you’ll have access to over 100 free courses and sessions–but where to start? 

    This year, Google Cloud is making GCN more personalized than ever by allowing attendees to curate their own playlists of sessions and courses. Develop your own learning curriculum by creating your own unique playlist a tune to your specific skillset or career. 

    Or if you’re overwhelmed by the number of options available, start with Google’s Curated Playlists–which encompass specific course pairings across industries, business sizes, job types, and affiliations. 

    • Actually Engage with Session Chats and Make Genuine Connections

    Sessions and courses for GCN now have chat functions, which means you can ask presenters direct questions about session material. You can also engage with other attendees through chat–and you really should. Google Cloud Next presents a great opportunity to build like-minded business connections with the brightest minds in your industry.

    Tailored specifically for developers, the Dev Zone is a dedicated hub where attendees can explore all dev-focused GCN experiences. Chat online during the Innovators Hub Livestream, participate in developer challenges and hackathons, and even meet in person at DevFest–local, in-person gatherings that focus on developer issues in localities. See if there’s one near you

    • Take Advantage of Partner Offerings

    Many businesses attending Google Cloud Next ‘22 have special offerings for GCN attendees. When assembling your playlists, look into the businesses hosting sessions, and explore their temporary offerings. 

    Google Cloud Next attracts rising stars in tech–and you have the chance to explore their products before anyone else. 

    At Virtru, we’re gifting all Google Cloud Next ‘22 attendees a free 90-day trial of Virtru’s leading Gmail encryption tool. (It secures your sensitive data at motion and at rest via email–and it’s super easy to use. 

    • Take A Wide Range of Courses

    Google Cloud Next only comes once a year–make the most out of it by taking a wide range of classes outside of your comfort zone. For some, this might include setting aside time to engage with a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion course. For others, it’s diving head first into a technically-focused skill-building session. Since many courses are on-demand and easy to watch later, develop a playlist of other topics you’re curious about, and spread them out over the next few weeks. 

    If you have partners or customers leading sessions, show them support by attending–you might learn something new, or get a free trial. 


    Don’t Miss Virtru’s Partner Insight Session on Practical Zero Trust for Industry Innovators

    If one thing’s for certain, centering data in security and innovation is a “trend” that’s not going away. Google Cloud and Google Workspace are beautifully simple tools that have revolutionized the way we work and even live our lives. These tools deserve an equally simple and elegant native encryption solution to safeguard the data flowing in and out of the application. 

    Virtru can provide that solution. And, together with Omada Health, we're hosting a Partner Insight session on how any organization can maximize security and a Zero Trust framework, without sacrificing the ease of use that magnetizes the masses to Google Cloud. 

    See you at CGN–and get ready to “meet tomorrow”


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