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Virtru at Google Cloud Next '23: Secure Your Google Ecosystem, Seamlessly


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    Google Workspace makes collaboration easier. It’s just a fact - but when your organization is obligated to meet stringent data protection rules, can you afford to sacrifice workflow for security?

    It’s easy to digest that organizations around the world face this dilemma, and the use cases are endless. From cities like Sheboygan County, which migrated to the cloud for convenience; to DIB contractors like Rise8, which needed to securely collaborate with the DoD; to international entities like Croix Rouge Français (French Red Cross) where protecting information in the cloud can mean life or death; there is a universal need to have it both ways.

    With Virtru, a leading Google encryption solution, in their toolkit, each of these organizations can have their cake and eat it too. Here’s how.

    How Does Virtru Enhance Data Security in Google Workspace, and in the Cloud?

    At Virtru, we provide robust data protection solutions tailored to protect sensitive data throughout its lifecycle. Our unique blend of key features—including access revocation, document watermarking, and data classification—allows companies to strike a balance between unlocking the value of their data and ensuring its security.

    Easy Email and File Encryption

    Virtru provides a single data control framework across Google Workspace, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. The Gmail plugin allows users to easily encrypt emails and attachments, with Virtru ensuring data can only be decrypted and accessed by intended recipients.

    Data Control in Google Drive

    With Virtru, files uploaded to Google Drive are protected regardless of their format. Administrators can also create secure folders that automatically encrypt all contained files.

    Secure Communication via Google Meet

    Google Meet calls and video messages can be encrypted using Virtru to improve privacy and prevent third-party access.

    Protection for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

    Sensitive data created and shared in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides can be securely encrypted with Virtru to protect teams' plans, financial reports, and intellectual property.

    Seamless Collaboration with Virtru for Google Drive

    Virtru for Google Drive enables easy encryption of files, supports all non-Google native file types, and allows specific folders to store only encrypted documents. With granular controls, users can set expirations, disable forwarding, and watermark attachments.

    Elevated Security with Virtru Private Keystore

    Virtru Private Keystore offers control over where you store your private keys for all Google Workspace solutions, helping meet regulatory compliance obligations and ensure data sovereignty. The integrated solution simplifies data security and enhances data-centric security and zero-trust architecture. This supports Google Workspace solutions like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Workspace Client Side Encryption (CSE).

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    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

    Google-housed organizations large and small use Virtru to protect their most sensitive data, while also possessing the freedom to collaborate and grow their business. Remember Croix Rouge, Sheboygan, and Rise8? Here’s how they faced their cloud collaboration conundrum with Virtru as a strategic solution.

    The French Red Cross, faced with the sensitive task of handling patient data across several chapters, relied on Virtru’s data protection capabilities. It was Virtru’s end-to-end encryption and access controls that allowed them to share patient data securely, facilitating cross-chapter collaboration and reducing the reliance on paper-based methods.

    Sheboygan County, Wisconsin’s move to cloud services benefited greatly from Virtru’s proactive, data-centric security approach. Virtru's encryption helped tackle misconceptions about cloud security and ensured data was protected during the migration, fostering a collaborative environment among employees irrespective of their location. Moreover, the visibility and control Virtru offered over data, including determining who could access it and for how long, helped secure the County’s digital services.

    In the defense contracting realm, Rise8 needed to share sensitive Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) securely with the Department of Defense. Here, Virtru's Secure Share and Gmail Add-In simplified this exchange by encrypting files and emails, eliminating the need for cumbersome S/MIME and key exchanges, and enabling smooth communication between parties. Additionally, by meeting various regulatory requirements, Virtru enabled Rise8 to maintain secure collaborations at an international level.

    Whether it's healthcare, public service, or defense contracting, Virtru adapts to the specific security needs of each sector, offering tailored solutions that promote security and efficiency. FedRAMP certified, SOC2, ANSSI, G-Cloud 13, and more - Virtru can help you stay on compliance track while maintaining secure cloud collaboration.

    Meet Us in San Francisco at Google Cloud NEXT ‘23

    The power of Google Cloud and Google Workspace extends beyond convenience; these tools have fundamentally reshaped our digital interactions, empowering us to work more effectively and efficiently. Virtru, as a Google partner, aligns perfectly with this vision, offering an equally intuitive and effective encryption solution to safeguard the data flowing in and out of your applications.

    Curious to know more? Let's meet at booth #1343 to discover how Virtru can seamlessly integrate with your Google ecosystem. Booth visitors can sign up to try Virtru free for 90 days. Join us to secure and simplify your digital experience, together.

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