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Data Protection for the New Frontier

By 2025, worldwide data is expected to grow 61% to 175 zettabytes, with as much of it in the cloud as in data centers.

While you remain focused on safeguarding this data from cyberthreats and staying compliant with changing privacy laws, developers are building custom apps to facilitate data sharing across disparate environments.

Without clear visibility into who is accessing your growing volumes of data, and from where, you’re at increased risk of being breached, and adhering to privacy laws will only get harder.

Now you can empower your engineering team to implement data protection into apps and connected devices with just a few lines of code. By opening our zero trust data protection platform, proven to secure more than 5,000 customers, Virtru eliminates the burden of creating encryption solutions so developers can focus on building apps to support business needs.

  • Protect and share data directly from your application.
  • Control your data wherever it goes.
  • Meet compliance requirements.
  • Accelerate development.
  • Future-proof your app against changing regulations.

Secure Your Custom Applications

Easily add data protection and control with 10 lines of code or less.

Zero Trust Architecture
Virtru key management ensures no third-party can access your application data.

Platform Agnostic
Maintain data protection across any cloud platform.

Open Data Format
Avoid vendor lock-in with Trusted Data Format (TDF).

Protect and Control Data

Persistent Data Encryption
Protect your application data wherever it is created, shared or stored.

Multi-Cloud Data Privacy
Enforce consistent data privacy policies across disparate environments.

Data Control and Expiration
Share data with anyone for a specified time and revoke access on demand.

Visibility and Audit
Track data usage and provide compliance reports.

Don’t Let Privacy and Protection Requirements Hold You Back

The opportunities for embedded data protection are endless, no matter the project, platform or data type. Here are just a few ways Virtru protects data today:

Secure Multi-Cloud Environments

Simplify data compliance and reduce risk as files are shared across any cloud platform.

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Secure IoT Data

Protect IoT sensor data without slowing down your application and maintain control across any network.

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Secure File Transfer

Protect and share your sensitive data without size or file-type constraints; while in-transit and at-rest.

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Secure Inbound PII

Preserve the privacy of your customer data and build trust with your client while maintaining compliance.

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Secure Internal Files

Protect corporate data with persistent encryption and policy enforcement on-prem and in the cloud.

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Securing Data for GE Aviation

“GE Aviation Systems has leveraged the new developer access to the Virtru Data Protection Platform to demonstrate the security and integrity of data collected by the M100 UAS Avionics and ground sensors. We are excited to bring this data security capability to our Government and Commercial Customers.”

Stephen Yantko, Advanced & Special Programs, GE Aviation

Leverage a Proven Platform

Empower your developers team to protect sensitive data. Using Virtru Data Protection SDK and Platform, your engineering team can quickly add data protection and control to their applications.

Virtru SDKs: manages communications with Virtru APIs to embed encryption and control into your applications.

Management Dashboard: allows administrators to manage policies, revoke and adapt access controls, and get visibility into sharing activities.

Identity Federation: supports seamless authentication leveraging open, federated identity standards such as OpenID, OAuth, and SAML.

Key Access Server: brokers access to encryption keys and coordinates access control policies.

Entity Attribute Server: enables fine-grained access controls with identity management that support continuous data integrity checks.

Trusted Data Format (TDF): open security standard that allows granular data protection, control and secure sharing for any data type.

Innovative organizations rely on the Virtru Data Protection Platform to secure their existing infrastructure, applications and connected devices.

What can your developers build?

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