Data Loss Prevention

Automatically Enforce Protection and Control

Configure data loss prevention (DLP) policies to automatically enforce persistent protection and control to maintain data privacy and compliance.
email encryption rules

Maintain privacy and compliance with automatic enforcement.

  • Ensure the privacy of email and attachments containing sensitive intellectual property before they leave your organization’s domain.
  • Maintain compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, CJIS and more.
  • Minimize changes to existing user workflows with encryption and access controls that are transparent to end users.
  • Configure DLP rules that enforce persistent protection and control, with prebuilt rule packages, templates and custom logic.
Detect Sensitive Data with Preconfigured Rule Templates

Enhance security awareness across the organization with DLP rules that warn users to protect sensitive data to complement on-demand protections. Choose from preconfigured DLP rules that scan emails for sensitive keywords, text patterns and other common indicators to protect your sensitive data before it even leaves your device.

hipaa-rules (2)
Ensure Turnkey HIPAA Compliance 

Easily configure DLP policies to scan for PHI, then apply encryption and access control policies before they leave your domain. Implement the Virtru HIPAA Compliance Rule Pack to automatically detect and protect common types of PHI including SSNs, ICD-9/10 codes, National Provider Identifier (NPI) and more.

dlp-custom-rules (1)
Configure Advanced Logic with Custom Rules 

Configure powerful DLP policies to match your organization’s data security and compliance requirements. By scanning multiple email fields—subject line, body and attachments—Virtru can enforce automatic protection with custom logic. For OUs or individuals that frequently send sensitive data, custom DLP policies can further reduce the risk of a data loss or breach.

then-rules (1)
Enforce Persistent Protection and Granular Controls

After sensitive content is detected, configure rules to enforce protection—such as object-level encryption, access expiration, disable forwarding, attachment watermarking or even stripping attachments to mitigate data leak risks. Granular control gives admins the ability to monitor user activity and add additional recipients for total visibility into sensitive sharing workflows.

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