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Virtru Private Keystore for Google Cloud Platform EKM

Google Cloud Platform's (GCP) External Key Manager (EKM) feature allows organizations to apply their own encryption keys to GCP services to protect data lakes, databases, and information that flows through Google’s cloud computing and AI capabilities. A large and growing subset of GCP services are now supported.

Meet Your Global Data Protection Standard

Whether you’re using BigQuery, Compute Engine, or managing your own customers’ data in Google Cloud, Virtru Private Keystore for EKM helps you protect that data. Enhance digital workflows with encryption, compliance management, and access controls to ensure you maintain visibility and your data stays secure. Whether it's regulatory compliance or data sovereignty, Virtru can help you achieve a comprehensive, global data protection standard.


Recommended by Google

Virtru is a recommended provider of email and file encryption in Google Workspace.


Control Your Encryption Keys. Control Your Data.

Store your data in the cloud, compute securely, send and share data with external collaborators, and manage access at any time to strengthen data security and sovereignty. By managing your encryption keys separately from your data, you can mitigate breaches, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure no third party can access your data, Google and Virtru included. You have the ability to choose how you want to host your encryption keys: on-premises or in your private cloud.

Once you deploy one of our Google solutions, you can quickly add additional functionality as our services are built with consistent infrastructure and data protection components — helping you streamline installation and ease of use across your organization.

Google Cloud Platform Services Supported by Virtru Private Keystore

With Virtru Private Keystore for Google Cloud Platform, you can use keys that you manage to protect data within Google Cloud. You can protect data at rest in the following supported CMEK integration services.
“One of our company values is to dare to simplify. We were looking for a solution that could easily scale as we grow and was also easy to use. That’s why Virtru is absolutely ideal for us.”

-Ram Avrahami, Head of Global IT and IS, NEXT Insurance

Benefits for Your Organization and Collaboration Network


Move more of your data to the cloud because you can keep it secure and ensure true privacy with no unauthorized or third-party access.


Manage your own encryption keys and choose where they are stored. Protect data from third-party providers or government access. Comply with ITAR, CJIS, CMMC, data sovereignty, and more.


Achieve peace of mind as you manage access to your data. Revoke, expire, audit, and disable sharing of emails, files, and Cloud KMS Service Accounts – even after content has been read. Protections persist wherever data travels.


Use one trusted partner across your data protection needs, including GCP, Workspace, and beyond—such as enterprise SaaS and custom applications and file-sharing needs.


Have one central place to know where data is going, who’s viewed it, and when. Mitigate data breaches and access detailed reports for any audit needs.

Google EKM Team

Versatile Data Protection for Your Google Ecosystem

Protect data everywhere it flows through your organization: through email, enterprise applications, file sharing solutions, and collaboration tools.


Gmail Encryption

Encrypt Gmail messages and attachments with Virtru’s simple Chrome extension that works in your native Gmail interface. Revoke access at any time and add access controls to expire messages, disable forwarding, and watermark files.

Google Drive Encryption

Protect PDFs, Microsoft files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), image files, and other types of data uploaded to Drive. Additionally, admins can designate Drive folders that automatically encrypt everything that’s uploaded to those folders.

Virtru Private Keystore for Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption (CSE)

Virtru is a key management partner for client-side encryption for heightened privacy and compliance in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. Use encryption that travels with files wherever they are shared, ensuring your data stays confidential.

Encryption for SaaS Apps

Automatically secure messages flowing through enterprise and custom apps such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Looker.

More than 7,000 customers trust Virtru for data security and privacy protection.


Easy, Affordable Zero Trust Security

Deploy Virtru today, and equip your teams to share data confidently and securely.